I don't know about any of you but when summer finally rolls around, I desperately need to change up my hair. But sometimes you just can't find the right stylist to get exactly what you want. Whether it's trying out a new colour or style, you have to find that person that will help you achieve your #hairgoals.

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In Halifax, there are tons of extremely talented hair stylists that could fit exactly what you're looking for! Below is a list of local stylists' Instagram accounts, who are helping people achieve their ultimate hair goals. 

via @hairbyerrikaleigh

Errika Leigh // @hairbyerrikaleigh

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Joshua MacInnes // @hairbyjoshuamacinnes

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Stu Cochrane // @stu.cuts.hair

via @ashleycornelius.hair

Ashley Cornelius // @ashleycornelius.hair

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The Hair Girl // @iamthehairgirl

via @thedeadface

Cory Murphy // @thedeadface

via @marieke.hair

Marieke Brouwer // @marieke.hair

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Alicia White // @aliciawhitehair

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Jesse Resk // @cutsbyjesse

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Heather Harroun // @heatherharroun.hairstylist

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Makencee Trueman // @hairby.mknctrmn

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Sarah Connor // @sarahoconnorhair

via @nauglerxgrow

Jeremy Naugler // @nauglerxgrow

via @linasmakeup

Lina Waled // @linasmakeup

via @janelmariehair

Janel Marie // @janelmariehair

via @markisntabarber

Mark Peyton // @markisntabarber