Halifax is so far East that sometimes we can forget how…unique our culture may seem to other visiting Canadians.

We decided to make a list of fifteen distinct East Coast habits that seem completely normal and agreeable to the everyday Haligonian, but might seem a little different from the outside.


1. Living in a capital city that’s not even really a city

But still calling it a city even though technically Halifax is a “regional municipality.”

2. Stopping your car on a dime for jaywalking pedestrians

People cross the street whenever they want here it seems. And traffic is known for being friendly enough to let them (usually)!

3. Getting donair sauce on everything

It’s like the ketchup of the east.


4. Freaking out about the hammocks on the boardwalk

And taking one million pictures of them.

via @hayleypdowd

5. Waiting in line for several hours to get lit on a Saturday afternoon

We have Power Hour at Split Crow to thank for this one.

6. This kind of weather

It changes almost every hour I would say? From sub zero to torrential rain to sunny and ten degrees all during one commute.

7. Not pluralizing the word beer under any circumstances

And pronouncing bar “bur."


8. Hanging out at the Library

Because we have one of the most beautiful public libraries in the world according to Wired Magazine so it's cool to chill here okay?

9. Knowing all the words to “Barrett’s Privateers”

How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now…

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10. Seeing students everywhere, all the time

And trying to take advantage of all the discounts available.

11. Not being able to do anything on Sundays

Because almost all the stores close at like 3pm.


12. Taking a ferry as part of our daily commute

The scenic way of getting to and from Dartmouth.

13. Driving to Walmart for just about anything

Can’t wait for IKEA 2017.


14. Looking forward to our epic patio season

Only eight more months away lol!

15. Not having an official NHL team but being some of the biggest hockey fans in Canada.

Go Mooseheads.


16.  Taking a selfie with a boat

Theodore the tug boat, to be precise.

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