17 Best Places To Satisfy Your Munchies For Under $10 In Halifax

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17 Best Places To Satisfy Your Munchies For Under $10 In Halifax

For some reason, we thought this afternoon around 4pm would be a time when everyone in the city is looking to load up on some snacks.  For our stoner friends and those that just like to treat themselves we put together a list of spots in Halifax that serve up some really delicious grub under $10.

Grab your Wilfred Laurier’s and try out some of the deep fried sweets we’ve included below.

Willy’s // 5239 Blowers Street

Recommended snack: A classic medium poutine topped with their signature gravy that is vegetarian-friendly goes for only $8.

Scanway // 1567 Grafton Street

Recommended snack: Try an assortment of cake doughnuts and cronuts for $2 and $2.25 respectively.

Primal // 1463 Brenton Street

Recommended snack: You have to try Primal’s insane dessert milkshake with bacon, ice cream and beer.

Go 2 Eat // 5518 Spring Garden Road

Recommended snack: Drop by this brand new Taiwanese dessert spot and grab their signature chocolate bubble waffle cone for $4.50.

Freak Lunchbox // 1729 Barrington Street

Recommended snack: Stock up on as many candies as possible at this Halifax candy hot spot, and take in the awesome mural painted on the side of their building.

The Middle Spoon Desserterie // 1563 Barrington Street

Recommended snack: Indulge in a chocolate brownie pie at this dessert hot spot for only $8.99.

Ace Burger // 2605 Agricola Street

Recommended snack: Snack like burger week never ended by grabbing a classic burger at Ace Burger for $7 with lettuce, frizzled onions, pickles and mustard.

Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery // 6148 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: Try a variety of insane cheesecake flavors at Sweet Hereafter on Quinpool for only $8.

Wasabi House // 6403 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: Grab a Dynamite Roll or some Spicy Salmon for $6.50 and cross your fingers that Wasabi House throws in some free sushi (they usually do!)

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Triple A // 6279 Jubilee Road

Recommended snack: Pick up some of the best pizza in town for just under $5.

Burrito Jacks // 5215 Blowers Street

Recommended snack: Satisfy your Mexican food craving with a large Jax Chicken burrito for only $8.79.

King of Donair // 6420 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: If you’re going to have a Donair, at least try one of the best in Canada at King of Donair for only $5.99.

Sugah! // 1479 Lower Water Street

Recommended snack: Take your ice cream craving to the next level with a confectionary cone from Sugah!

Xtreme Pizza // 5970 Spring Garden Road

Recommended snack: Order 6 pieces of mozza sticks for $7.05 from Xtreme next time you're near Dal campus craving a snack!

Truly Tasty // 6214 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: Go big at this incredible ramen spot with the small crispy fried chicken ramen for $9.45.

Fickle Frog // 5675 Spring Garden Road

Recommended snack: $9 gets you a massive plate of nachos to share with friends at Fickle!

Auction House //1726 Argyle Street

Recommended snack: Share their classic wings special every Monday and Thursday at 35 cents per wing with a minimum order of 10 wings.