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17 Best Places To Satisfy Your Munchies For Under $10 In Halifax

For some reason, we thought this afternoon around 4pm would be a time when everyone in the city is looking to load up on some snacks.  For our stoner friends and those that just like to treat themselves we put together a list of spots in Halifax that serve up some really delicious grub under $10.

Grab your Wilfred Laurier’s and try out some of the deep fried sweets we’ve included below.

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Willy’s // 5239 Blowers Street

Recommended snack: A classic medium poutine topped with their signature gravy that is vegetarian-friendly goes for only $8.

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Scanway // 1567 Grafton Street

Recommended snack: Try an assortment of cake doughnuts and cronuts for $2 and $2.25 respectively.

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Primal // 1463 Brenton Street

Recommended snack: You have to try Primal’s insane dessert milkshake with bacon, ice cream and beer.

Go 2 Eat // 5518 Spring Garden Road

Recommended snack: Drop by this brand new Taiwanese dessert spot and grab their signature chocolate bubble waffle cone for $4.50.

Freak Lunchbox // 1729 Barrington Street

Recommended snack: Stock up on as many candies as possible at this Halifax candy hot spot, and take in the awesome mural painted on the side of their building.

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The Middle Spoon Desserterie // 1563 Barrington Street

Recommended snack: Indulge in a chocolate brownie pie at this dessert hot spot for only $8.99.

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Ace Burger // 2605 Agricola Street

Recommended snack: Snack like burger week never ended by grabbing a classic burger at Ace Burger for $7 with lettuce, frizzled onions, pickles and mustard.

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Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery // 6148 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: Try a variety of insane cheesecake flavors at Sweet Hereafter on Quinpool for only $8.

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Wasabi House // 6403 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: Grab a Dynamite Roll or some Spicy Salmon for $6.50 and cross your fingers that Wasabi House throws in some free sushi (they usually do!)

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Triple A // 6279 Jubilee Road

Recommended snack: Pick up some of the best pizza in town for just under $5.

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Burrito Jacks // 5215 Blowers Street

Recommended snack: Satisfy your Mexican food craving with a large Jax Chicken burrito for only $8.79.

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King of Donair // 6420 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: If you’re going to have a Donair, at least try one of the best in Canada at King of Donair for only $5.99.

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Sugah! // 1479 Lower Water Street

Recommended snack: Take your ice cream craving to the next level with a confectionary cone from Sugah!

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Xtreme Pizza // 5970 Spring Garden Road

Recommended snack: Order 6 pieces of mozza sticks for $7.05 from Xtreme next time you're near Dal campus craving a snack!

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Truly Tasty // 6214 Quinpool Road

Recommended snack: Go big at this incredible ramen spot with the small crispy fried chicken ramen for $9.45.

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Fickle Frog // 5675 Spring Garden Road

Recommended snack: $9 gets you a massive plate of nachos to share with friends at Fickle!

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Auction House //1726 Argyle Street

Recommended snack: Share their classic wings special every Monday and Thursday at 35 cents per wing with a minimum order of 10 wings.

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