17 Types Of Students You'll Definitely Meet In Halifax

We all personally know at least 16 of these.

There are so many different Universities and Colleges in Halifax, it's hard to believe that people over the age of 30 actually live in this city as well.

The population of Halifax is literally twice as large during the school year then it is during the summer. That's all thanks to the numerous students running around Halifax trying to figure out how to balance school, sleep and a social life. Halifax is the definition of a student city. Any student that lives here, knows how hard it can be to find a pack of Mr. Noodles at the grocery store when they go on sale. Despite the fact that we all have the same taste in minimal effort meals and cheap food, there are a number of differences between us when it comes to the type of student that we are.

1. The "Pre Law" Student

This is that student in Arts that never really specifies what their major. This because they're confidently going to Law School, so their undergrad isn't on a need to know bases.

2. The Political Buff

This is the type of student that fills your Facebook newsfeed with everything you need to know about Canadian politics and current events in the HRM.

3. The LAD-housie Student

These types of students don't only go to Dalhousie but they're are most commonly found there. They're the guys that refer to Dalhousie as LAD-housie and are super FTB.

4. The Philosophical

This is the student that will bring up a controversial topic and ask you about your opinion, while never stating theirs, and constantly question everything you say.

5. The Maritimes Kayla Itsines Student

This is that girl that's either always sharing Tasty videos or that they're vegan. This student most likely majors in either Business or Health Sciences, and actually pays for a gym membership.

They're most likely a certified trainer and have an Instagram account about food.

6. The Halifax <3 Local Student

This student loves going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, and is always carrying around a Nalgene. They spend most of their time at cafes like Coburg Coffee, or Dilly Dally's.

7. The Athlete 

This is the varsity student that always shows up to class in athletic wear. Their age is unknown as they've probably prolonged their undergrad to play their sport of choice for as long as they can.

8. The Runway Student

This student is always dressed to the nines no matter what the occasion is. Not even an 8:30 am lecture could stop a runway student from looking their best.

9. The Partier

This student has the worst attendance in class but perfect attendance at Cheers. You can alway count on this person to message you asking to sign their name on the attendance sheet, or for the Tophat code, because they're too hungover to make it to class.

10. The Floater

This is the student that has no idea what they're interested in Majoring in, but really likes the East Coast Lifestyle. You can always find this student in Academic Advising. They have dabbled in nearly ever faculty.

11. The Type A Student

"Just send me your work and I'll put it all together." This is the infamous line of a Type A Student. They're the person you love but also hate having in your group, because they're willing do the entire assignment, but will set super early deadlines to get things done.

12. The Student Activist 

This student is always sending you invites to protest tuition hikes. Every conversation with this type of student somehow involves informing you that as a student it's your duty to participate in student politics and have your voice heard.

13. The NSCAD Student

This student is all about chill vides only! They're super talented in their specific area of the arts. They either live downtown or in the North End, and spend hours at Weird Harbour.

14. The First Year

This is the most easily identifiable student in Halifax. They're either a walking billboard for their University or messaging random people on Facebook that look like them for one of their ID's so they can pick up from the NSLC.

15. The Tim's Student

This is the student that's always late for class because they never account for the long lines at their campus Tim Horton's or Starbucks.

16. The Gym Buff

This is the student that spends more time at their University gym than they ever have at the Library. They're the first one to tell you how bad the equipment is at the gym, but wouldn't dare pay for a membership at an actual gym.

17. The Truly NS Student

This is the student that is super nice and always willing to help you in class if you don't understand. They're usually from just outside of Halifax.