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18 Things We Want Halifax To Get In The New Year

Over the years, Halifax has grown and we've gotten some new additions to make this place we call home that much better. There was a time with no Burrito Places, Forever 21 or even an escape room. At times Haligonians feel a little left out from the rest of the world in terms of fast food places and cool attractions that a big city may have.

But I think that everyone can agree we still have some of the coolest spots around in terms of local shops and restaurants that can fit anyone's needs. That being said, if we had our way these are the shops and services we'd love to see happen in Halifax this year.  One can always dream!

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1. Chipotle

Yes, you will have to pay extra for guac, No, it won't matter to you once it's here

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2. Drive In Theatre

Maybe you can sneak your friends in the trunk to the drive in since the regular theatre costs an arm and a leg. There are drive in Theatres around Nova Scotia including the Valley Drive In in Cambridge, but of course there needs to be one in our own backyard.

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3. IHop

Who doesn't like pancakes?! IHop is so iconic for their breakfast and has an array of pancake flavours you're going to want to pour your Canadian maple syrup all over.

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4. Olive Garden

Unlimited breadsticks...Enough said.

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5. Sonic Drive-In

These commercials made you thirsty for a milk shake, Sonic is famous for their milkshakes and specialty drinks but they also sell pogo sticks... I need this in my life.

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6. Uber

No seriously, why don't we have Uber yet? I mean I know it's against the law in NS but still...

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7. Sweet Jesus

You've seen the pictures, you've dreamt of their ice cream art, now time to bring it to Halifax and make our dreams a reality.

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8. Wholefoods

For all of your health food needs, this store has anything and everything to help you get healthy in 2017 in terms of groceries.

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9. More Big Name Headliner Concerts


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10. Chick-Fil-A

Because KFC just doesn't cut it.

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11. Jet Packing

Cause it's cool.

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12. LLBean

So you can get your name stitched into all of your clothing and accessories...Obviously

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13. A Pro Sports Team

NHL, NBA, CFL,WNBA, we will gladly host one with pride.

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14. A Pool Bar

If you've ever gone to Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto you know that a pool bar would add a crazy spot to Halifax's night life...or day life, since it's a pool bar.

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15. A new strip club... for guys and girls

You we're all thinking it. I just said it.

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16. Dunkin Donuts

For all of the Coffee addicts in the HRM

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17. A Waterfront Amusement Park

You would never run out of fun in the summer

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18. Pogue Fado Back

If you talk to anyone in Halifax about Pogue Closing...they get a little emotional. This Halifax bar had live bands and $3 drinks, Haligonians have spoken and want the Pogue back.

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