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18 Things That Will Confuse The Fvck Out Of Anyone Who’s Not From Halifax

Anyone who's spent time living in Halifax can tell you that there's a unique vibe about the city.  We place a huge importance on buying local, pride ourselves on being the kindest people in Canada and have an incredible nightlife scene.

However there are a couple things Halingonians consider very normal which visitors might have a difficult time understanding.  Like why did the bus driver just eject me for bringing on a bottle of water and how can this Lebanese pita wrapped in tinfoil and drenched in sauce taste so delicious when I'm six beers deep?

1. Not being able to bring your beverage on the bus

2. Drivers being absurdly polite

3. The difference between a city and a “regional municipality”

4. The appeal of a donair

5. Our incredible views of the ocean

6. Why people leave after they finish their degree

7. Our massive affinity for brunch

8. The way we know all the words to “Barrett’s Privateers”

9. You can walk anywhere in 30 minutes

10. Why the city loses half its population every summer

11. Our need to hit up the Farmer’s Market real early on Saturday mornings

12. The way people freak out for Burger Week

13. All the green space right downtown

14. Why people love to hang out at the library

15. The appeal of getting lit on Saturday afternoons at the Split Crow

16. Our laws against Uber

17. Where people end up exactly when they say they’re “Goin’ for a rip”

18. Why a cartoon character is docked in our harbour

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