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19 Awesome Bucket List Patios In Halifax To Day Drink At With Your BFF

Raise a glass to day drinking!
19 Awesome Bucket List Patios In Halifax To Day Drink At With Your BFF

Obviously after a stressful day at your summer job (or even your regular job), you're going to want two things: to be outside and to grab drinks. Luckily for you, Halifax's bar scene knows how to cater to your summer drinking needs. Whether it's your day off or you need to unwind with friends, the city has tons of patios for you grab a drink.

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Below is a list of patios in Halifax you absolutely should day drink on this summer at least once. Especially if you're powering through a bucket list this summer.

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Stillwell Beer Garden //  5688 Spring Garden Rd

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Niche Lounge // 1505 Barrington St

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Your Father's Moustache // 5686 Spring Garden Rd

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Stone's Throw Patio // 1919 Upper Water St

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The Lower Deck // 1887 Upper Water St

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Durty Nelly's // 1645 Argyle St

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The Red Stag // 1496 Lower Water St

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Gahan House // 1869 Upper Water St

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HFX Sports Bar & Grill // 1721 Brunswick St

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2 Crows Brewing // 1932 Brunswick Street

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The Old Triangle // 5136 Prince St

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Good Robot // 2736 Robie St

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Studio East Food + Drink // 6021 Cunard St

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The Henry House Restaurant & Pub // 1222 Barrington St

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Tom's Little Havana // 1540 Birmingham St

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The Armview // 7156 Chebucto Rd

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Mexicali Rosa's // 5472 Spring Garden Rd

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Lion's Head Tavern // 3081 Robie St

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Stubborn Goat Beer Garden // 1599 Lower Water St

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