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19 Fun Things To Do With Your S/O At Home During A Snow Day In Halifax

Challenge yourselves not to leave your bed.
19 Fun Things To Do With Your S/O At Home During A Snow Day In Halifax

We all know the next few days in Halifax will inevitably bring buckets of snow.  You’re likely home right now reading this article with a bag of chips by your side because work or school has been cancelled.

If you and bae are spending the day snowed in together, scan through this list for some ways to keep yourselves entertained – sexual innuendo intended.

1. Netflix & Chill

Start binge watching a brand new show and chill on the couch all day – school is closed, work is cancelled, so you finally have an excuse to see what all the buzz surrounding Westworld is about.

2. Play some board games

If it’s just you and your significant other, break out the cribbage board or play some cards to pass the time.

3. Plan a tropical vacation

Don’t let the brutal winter weather get you down! Surf the web for a super cheap tropical vacation and escape the cold with your partner.

4. Try a new recipe

You’ve got nothing else to do – get all the supplies in your kitchen together and research some crazy recipes, or whip up some wild baking experiments for a delicious dessert to follow up your entrees.

5. Celebrate 420

If you’re just watching movies and snacking all day,may as well get stoned?

6. Read a book

Catch up on some school work, or finish that novel you’ve been meaning to read but just never have the time for now that you’re snowed in!

7. Have a wine tasting night

Break out the good cheese and indulge in a glass or seven of that wine you've been saving for a special occasion.

8. Try P90X

Or any other workout regimen that allows you to get fit from the comfort of your own home.

9. Build a snow fort in the yard

And maybe a couple snowmen to stand guard.

10. Challenge your partner to a video game duel

Super Smash Bros, Call Of Duty - show your s/o who's boss on the game console.

11.  Go through old photos

Organise all the photos on your Macbook that you've been meaning to put into folders, or get your film prints out and put them in some albums!

12. Start a massage train

Treat yourselves to an at home day-spa by turning your bathroom into a sauna or giving each other foot massages.

13. Have breakfast in bed

Chow down on the best meal of the day in the most relaxing way possible.

14. Clean your house

You're home with nothing to do, might as well be productive!

15. Order in

If you can find a Halifax restaurant that stayed open during the snow storm, order in some pizza for the night.

16. Have a movie marathon

The Oscars are coming up, have you seen all the nominated films? Download the movies you've been meaning to see and binge watch them with your partner.

17. Travel the world on Google Maps

Check out satellite images of Paris, Rome or London from the comfort of your living room couch.

18. Pet sit for a friend

If you don't have a critter of your own call up someone you know and ask if they need a hand watching their cat or dog for the night!

19. Make some s'mores

If you're lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace, grab some marshmellows and graham crackers and pretend you're on a camping trip in a much warmer climate...

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