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20 Best Places To Satisfy Your Pizza Craving In Halifax

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20 Best Places To Satisfy Your Pizza Craving In Halifax

Halifax loves pizza so much that we named a corner after it.  That corner might be known more for its drunk hijinks than the quality of its pizza, but it’s Pizza Corner nonetheless.  Inspired by this cultural center of our city, we decided to put together a list of the twenty best pizza spots Halifax has to offer.

The list we created below features everything – from restaurants offering Italian style pizza baked in a wood-burning oven to local neighborhood gems that you may never have heard of.  Next time your pizza craving takes over, customize a pizza on one of the websites of these high-tech spots, and have your dream pie delivered to your door at any hour of the night – some of these places are open as late as 4 a.m.!


1. Alexandra’s Pizza // 1263 Queen Street

With 3 locations in the HRM and five others spread throughout the Maritimes, Alexandra’s Pizza is always there to satisfy your late night pizza cravings, regardless of what province you find yourself in – some of their locations are open as late as 3 a.m.!


2. Pizza Delight // 5680 Spring Garden Road

Not only does Pizza Delight on Spring Garden serve an awesome selection of customizable pizzas, but they also have a FREE make your own garlic bread station! You can make as much garlic bread as you want and no one will stop you! They also have really cheap cocktails, to go with your bread.


3. Xtreme Pizza // 5970 Spring Garden Road

This classic student hub is located right near Dalhousie campus, making it a popular stop for those stumbling home from the bar, prowling the streets for drunk eats. Xtreme is also open until 3 a.m. and serves donair, fries, and subs in addition to pizza.


4. Triple A Convenience and Pizzeria // 6279 Jubilee Road

Located right in the heart of the student ghetto on the corner of Preston and Jubilee, Triple A Pizzeria started serving delicious hot food only a few years ago, and have been busy filling deliveries every since. There’s always a fresh slice waiting for the students pouring into Triple A at all hours of the night, and they’re open on the weekends until 3 a.m.!


5. Bramoso Gourmet Pizzeria // 6169 Quinpool Road

This Quinpool pizzeria and beer bar specializes in a more artisanal style of pizza, made from hand-tossed dough and cooked in a brick oven. As a result of their organic preparation methods, Bramoso is also able to offer patrons a gluten-free pizza option on their menu.


6. Sicilian Pizza // 5245 Blowers Street

One of the few remaining pillars of Halifax’s infamous Pizza Corner at Blowers Street and Grafton, Sicilian serves up some delicious pizza and donair to hammered customers until the early morning hours. They also have two other locations in Halifax, one on Quinpool and one on Titus Street.


7. Salvatore’s Pizzaiola Trattoria // 5541 Young Street

This gourmet pizzeria located in Halifax’s North End has a massive menu entirely devoted to providing customers with every pizza topping you could possibly imagine. Be sure to try their delicious New York style sandwiches as well!


8. Freeman’s Little New York // 6092 Quinpool Road

Dine in at Freeman’s and enjoy their cheap beer deals and delicious pizza selection. Both the newly renovated Quinpool location and their restaurant on Grafton have pretty extensive menu options available, for those looking to try something new. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can always rely on Freeman’s should your pizza craving strike without warning.


9. Snappy Tomato // 1283 Barrington Street

Next time you’re downtown and become overcome with a craving for pizza, whip over to Snappy’s on Barrington. Open until 2 a.m., their menu of donair, subs and pizza will always be there to satiate your fast food needs.


10. Peter’s Pizzeria // 5391 Inglis Street

Not only does Peter’s offer a super diverse menu - complete with ample pizza topping options, wraps, poutines, salads, and donairs – but they have also partnered with Just Eat to provide patrons with the option of ordering customizable menu items online! Download the app to create your perfect pizza, and have it delivered to your front door without lifting a finger…or…well, that’s all you’ll have to lift. You’ll have to lift literally one finger but that’s it.


11. Mother’s Halifax // 5710 Young Street

This North End Pizzeria also has a beer named after them, brewed by the Garrison Brewing co. Try a pint of Mother’s Brew with your next classic Pepperoni style pizza at this charming local pizza spot.


12. Manhattan Pizza // 1030 South Park Street

With locations all over the country, Manhattan Pizza is determined to bring Canadians classic New York Style pizza at a reasonable prize. They also serve soft serve and Donair at their South Park Street location, so be sure to check it out!


13. Tony’s Donair // 2390 Robie Street

For over forty years this family run business has been serving Halifax North Enders delicious, high quality pizzas and donairs from the original Tony’s Corner, on Robie and Cunard right beside The Common.


14. Piatto Pizzeria // 5144 Morris Street

Located less than a five-minute walk from the Halifax Waterfront, Piatto is a genuine Italian style Pizzeria, with a huge menu full of delicious pizza combinations and diverse wines. While you wait for your dinner watch the chefs hand making your pizza in Piatto’s massive Neapolitan wood-fired oven.


15. Ristorante a Mano // 1477 Lower Water St

This upscale Italian restaurant is the perfect spot to grab dinner next time you’re hanging out at Bishop’s Landing. Similar to the chefs at Piatto, Ristorante a Mano takes the time to prepare their pizza in a very genuine Italian way, by cooking it in a brick oven and giving it that classic European taste!


16. Donnini’s Pizza // 5576 North Street

This hidden North End gem is known for their friendly service, delicious pizza and super speedy deliver service! Donnini’s also serves poutine, soups, wraps and desserts, so be sure to stop by next time you’re hanging out in the North End.


17. Tomavinos Pizzeria // 1113 Marginal Road

The chefs at Tomavinos place a strong emphasis on the importance of using organic, locally sourced ingredients for their delicious Italian style pizzas – this spot is a little bit on the pricey side, but you’ll definitely taste the quality in their amazing food!


18. Morris East // 5212 Morris Street

Sit down and grab a slice of handmade Italian style pizza at Morris East’s Halifax location, or order online through their website and create the ultimate wacky pizza using every topping on the menu. Gluten and crust free pizzas are both available here!


19. La Piazza Resto Café // 6430 Chebucto Road

This adorable North End café serves up some delicious wood-oven pizza and diverse wines from all over the country. In the summer they have a huge patio you have to check out!


20. Velo’s Pizza // 6100 Almon Street

Since 1970 Velo’s has been serving their loyal customers delicious, stone oven pizzas and some of the best donairs in Halifax. They just opened up a Clayton Park location that you have to visit next time you’re in the area!

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