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20 Places You Can Take A Date To In Halifax For Under $20

*Immediately opens Tinder*
20 Places You Can Take A Date To In Halifax For Under $20

Although its free to download Tinder, taking all your matches out night after night can get a little pricey.  Not to mention always trying to come up with creative date ideas - there's only so many times you can "go for a walk in the Public Gardens" before it starts to get boring and cold.

We put together a list of twenty unique places in Halifax for you to take your next date  - and none of them cost more than $20!  Happy swiping, friends.

1. Go cosmic bowling

Relive your youth and go cosmic bowling at Bowlerama on Bayers Road! If it turns out to be your “thing” as a couple there are bowling leagues available for you guys to join, like in The Big Lebowski

2. Play some billiards

Take your next date to Locas Billiards Hall for some darts (not cigarettes real darts) and pool! This hidden gem has a beautifully decorated 6000 square foot pool hall, and offers a $5 all you can play pool deal every Sunday.

3. Catch a flick at The Oxford Theatre

The old fashioned Oxford Theatre on Quinpool is a great alternative to the standard Park Lane movie theatre experience. A bit of an upgrade on the standard dinner-and-a-movie combo, The Oxford Theatre often features local, independent films that don’t get a wide release!

4. Grab Ice Cream at the Dairy Bar Pop Up

Hidden at the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, treat your date to some gourmet ice cream from The Dairy Bar Pop Up by Manual Food and Drink Co. – their toppings are insane!

5. Get fancy cocktails at Noble

Sign up on the Middle Spoon website to receive weekly passwords from Noble, a speak easy located beneath The Middle Spoon on Barrington. Once you’ve gotten on “the list,” you’ll be able to order your date some of the fanciest cocktails in Halifax at this old fashioned artisanal bar.

6. Play some glow in the dark Mini Putt

I don’t know why everything is available in a cosmic version but I love it! Take your next date cosmic Mini Putting on Chain Lake Drive, but go easy on them this isn’t PGA championship.

7. See a show at The Bus Stop Theatre

Pretend like you’re really cultured and take your date to see a play at the Bus Stop Theatre. Tickets to see some amazing local performances here are super affordable, so take full advantage!

8. Spin some pottery at the Clay Café

You can’t really know someone until you’ve crafted with them. Take your next date to the Clay Café on Quinpool, and look affectionately as they get super frustrated trying to make you a new set of bowls.

9. Get dessert at Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery

Unless you’re dating someone who’s lactose intolerant it’s likely they will really appreciate it if you take them to the Sweet Hereafter Cheescakery! My advice would be to split a slice of cheesecake as it is overwhelmingly (but deliciously) rich in taste.

10. Go Skating on the Oval

In a few weeks (read days) the weather will start to plummet below zero and they’ll spray The Oval down to make an ice rink! Take your date over to The Commons and rent some skates for the day. Also goes well with whisky.

11. Hit up the Boardroom Game Café

Grab a coffee and play some board games at the Boardroom Game Café on Barrington. They also host some very competitive trivia nights, including a Harry Potter Trivia tournament that will be starting October 24th – but sign up now, spots are filling up!

12. Grab drinks at the Stillwell Beer Garden

Take advantage of Stillwell’s pop up Beer Garden while it’s open on the corner of Spring Garden and South Park Street. Drink some craft beer with your significant other on their outdoor patio and bask in the (super instagrammable) hanging lights.

13. Look out into space at the Halifax Planetarium

Every two weeks on Wednesday nights the Halifax Planetarium hosts a space related talk, fully illustrated by their giant projector on loan from the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. Go on an educational date on October 5th and learn about the process associated with “Finding Exo-Planets” from Partrick Kelly.

14. Dab on some Cosmic Bingo

Take your date down to the Halifax Forum this Saturday night and participate in another normal, every day activity that had to be turned cosmic. This list should have just been about cosmic date ideas there have been like three. Bingo is a lot more fun when the black lights are on though.

15. Listen to jazz at Bearly’s

Head down to Bearly’s House of Blues and Ribs (great combo) with your date for a live music matinee on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Check out the Bearly’s calendar and catch some of Halifax’s best jazz musicians slapping da bass next time you have the chance.

16. Catch a flick at the Valley Drive-In Movie Theatre

Go for a little road trip over to Cambridge, N.S with your date and watch a flick under the stars for extra points in the romance department. Tomorrow The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be playing! So that’s cute.

17. Go rock climbing at Seven Bays Bouldering

For a more active date head over to Seven Bays Bouldering on Gottingen, and traverse their challenging indoor rock climbing wall. There are varying levels of difficulty, for beginner and advanced rock climbers. Craft a coffee or some craft beer on their beautiful patio when you’re done!

18. Explore Dartmouth

Jump on the ferry on a nice day and take in the Halifax harbour as you sail over to Dartmouth. Walk around Halifax’s sister city and take in all the sites and sounds you’ve been staring at from our waterfront.

19. Rent a bike from I Heart Bikes

Make sure your date knows how to ride a bike before renting a couple of these bad boys on the cheap and heading out for a cycle! Explore Point Pleasant Park, or take your bikes along the Northwest Arm for a cool day trip.

20. Take in a show at The Carleton Music Bar & Grill

Known for their busy schedule of performers, The Carelton on Argyle Street always has an awesome set of different local musicians playing for their guests. Check their schedule for the next sweet – and bring your date over to The Carleton for dinner and a show!

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