Halifax is full of ambitious people doing very cool things. We have one of the largest thriving entrepreneurship communities in Canada and we are proud of it. Being able to support local and see our communities grow and prosper is something we will never stop fighting for.

From chefs to designers to app creators, the creativity of our local entrepreneurs is astounding. We thought the rest of Halifax should get a chance to see all the amazing small business' that are hustling to make a difference in our city!


Fanfit Challenge

This start-up originated in the HRM in 2015 and now hosts fitness events and challenges across the country. Their innovative national event series is an opportunity to challenge your fitness level alongside Olympians and aspiring Olympians.


Iris Booth

Iris Booth is one of a kind, this accessible and affordable professional photo booth allows you to take 6 pictures for free and if you like them it only costs $20 to send them to your email. You can also edit your photo’s inside the booth, a great way to take professional photos easily and on your own time.


NxN Photography

NSCAD grads with an East Coast perspective, North by North Photography was created by two community-driven entrepreneurs that have since made a name for themselves in the Halifax photography scene. Not to mention their amazing Instagram #Goals


The Bridge

Located in the North End of Halifax, these rentable offices and community event spaces are definitely where you need to host your next meeting. With flare and the concept of bringing a community together through idea generation, The Bridge is one of a kind space for people to work in the HRM that you need to try.


James Gaudet Designs

Taking graphic design to the next level, James Gaudet is a local NSCAD grad that takes creativity that much further, creating marketing materials for your business in a variety of different mediums.



Alex Gillis, a Halifax native, created motion sensors for retail stores that provide real time analytics about how long each customer spends in certain product placement, allowing retailers to make informed marketing decisions.



There is no way you will buy a card from anywhere else after reading their story. Paper hearts makes the cutest custom greeting cards, but that’s not why they are so special, their cards incorporate just what 2017 needs: inclusiveness and acceptance.



TruLeaf invented the Smart Plant Systems® that make it possible to create indoor farms, where it would not otherwise be possible to grow plants.


Canadian Ski & Snowboard Club

Offering a range of trips to different destinations around Canada, this Halifax based travel business is built around the idea of having a community feel for all of your ski and snowboard desires and even includes surfing trips in the summer.

via @foodintuition

Food Intuition Catering

Locally Sourced, minimal processing, Kim Macpherson is a talented local-chef that you need at your next event. From catering to pre-made meals, Food Intuition makes meals the right way: healthy, local, delicious.


Software developed by Micheal Brown of Halifax, is creating effective communication channels for cleaning companies and making cleaning services more efficient through technology.


Citadel Clothing Co.

High quality, local and limited edition is what these Haligonians have created with Citadel Clothing Co. Once a product is sold out, it’s done, keeping your looks fresh. So hurry up and grab your fav styles on their website because Citadel is one of Halifax’s hottest emerging brands.


Design With Lindsay

Lindsay Mcmullen is a Hali girl with some mad creative skills. Not only does she have Insta goals but she also creates awesome print art that she puts on pillows and totes, be sure to check out her website to see all of the amazing work she does.



Inspiring and empowering youth to reach their “limitless” potential this halifax based start-up is fuelled by leaders that are also SMU athletes. They have their own apparel and host community events that include workshops and training sessions.

B-line Inc.

Collecting real-time data from your smartphone B-line helps transportation designers understand where infrastructure is needed and also comes with features that can tell you about your own travel behaviour.



Achieve your 2017 health goals by getting you meals prepped by executive chefs in Halifax. They offer a range of meals that are ready to go and also smoothies and they look amazing.



Helping students from all over the globe transition to living in Halifax by helping with different services such as housing, financials and even driving!



Taking the interests of your consumers, Affinio uses technology to market your business to connect best with your customers, They have been making some serious waves in the industry and putting Halifax on the map!


Dormie Workshop

These golf pros are integrating some style into their game, making hand crafted leather covers for your clubs. They even have apparel and "wooly" covers.


Dash Hudson

Get your Instagram game on point with Dash Hudson's Instagram marketing solutions. This New York/ Halifax based start up is one of the most valuable marketing techniques on social platforms going into 2017.

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