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20 Reasons To Live In Halifax In Your 20s

There's no place I'd rather be.
20 Reasons To Live In Halifax In Your 20s

Whether you’ve recently moved to Halifax for school or you’ve grown up here your entire life, it isn’t difficult to understand why living in this city as a young person is so awesome.  Between the abundant local green space, our proximity to the beach and the unreal nightlife scene, there are literally hundreds of reasons you should live in Halifax during your twenties.

For brevities sake, we decided to count down the top twenty most important reasons why all Canadians should spend their twenties living on the East Coast.


1. There are tons of great Universities and Colleges here

5 post secondary institutions are located in the HRM alone, offering a phenomenal variety of undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and college level programs for those looking to study anything from Language to Engineering to Film Production.


2. The nightlife is amazing

Halifax is famous for having the most bars per capita in all of North America! New trendy bars exist alongside legendary taverns like Split Crow and The Old Triangle that have been serving Haligonians for over two hundred years!


3. Young people are everywhere!

Given the awesome night life scene and the volume of students living here, Halifax’s population is full of young people in their 20’s forming exciting creative and entrepreneurial communities all throughout the city.


4. It’s affordable to live here

If you’re into living with one or two other people you can get amazing deals on rent in downtown Halifax – there are gorgeous new condos or renovated flats in historic homes that you can get some really great deals on!


5. We’re right on the ocean

Everywhere you go in the Halifax, whether you’re downtown or on campus, you can catch a glimpse of giant cruise ships coming into the harbour, or sailboats floating along the arm.


6. There are some beautiful places to travel nearby

Take a road trip throughout the Maritimes, and take in all P.E.I, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador have to offer. Being one of the easternmost hubs in Canada, there are always great deals on international flights leaving Stanfield Airport to exotic travel destinations all over the world.


7. The artistic community here is super supportive

Halifax prides itself on being an artistic community, making multiple grants and college programs available to local musicians, actors, photographers and all different kinds of artists creating in the city. Bars are always looking for new musical acts, and independent theatres are always putting on incredible shows here, so if you’re looking to expand your craft Halifax is the place for you!

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8. Halifax is the perfect size

With a population of 350,000, Halifax is the largest city in Canada East of Montreal, however there is a distinctly “small town” vibe that makes living here very chill. Getting around the HRM is super easy by bus, ferry, bike or on foot, and there’s always something to do or see!


9. The local hiking is unreal

If you’re looking for an easygoing scenic walk, the Halifax Waterfront and Point Pleasant Park are located right downtown, offering incredible views of the Northwest Arm and the Halifax Harbour. A little further outside the city lie the Frog Pond Trail and the Chain of Lakes Trail.


10. We have some of the best restaurants in the world

The Halifax community places a huge emphasis on the importance of supporting local business’ and using locally sourced products. For that reason, new delicious restaurants are always popping up all over the city, with menus that typically include meat, fish and produce from nearby farms, giving most local cuisine here a fresh, delicious taste.


11. There are TONS of local breweries

Over two hundred years ago Scottish brewmaster Alexander Keith started a massive beer movement here that has been going strong ever since. In the HRM alone there are over ten sweet breweries for you and your friends to tour and sample.


12. The city has a very entrepreneurial vibe

Considering the community movement to prioritize local goods and services, Halifax is a great place to start a new business, or launch that website you’ve been planning for years. There are many small business grants and loans made available by the Nova Scotia government in an effort to make Halifax a place where young business owners can thrive.


13. Nova Scotia is stunning

Our province is full of the most beautiful small towns and heritage sites, breathtaking provincial and national parks, and the Bay of Fundy – one of Canada’s seven natural wonders! Weekend road trips and hiking excursions to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada are one of the many perks associated with living in Halifax.


14. The local Farmers’ Markets are awesome

In the HRM alone you can find three busy, year round farmers’ markets, at which a variety of organic produce and locally made crafts are readily available. Outside the city there’s a popular farmers’ market held once a week at almost every small town you’ll find, making it super easy to eat healthy and organically here!


15. There’s always stuff going on

Music festivals, massive urban art shows, pop up beer gardens and film festivals seem to occur on a weekly basis all over Halifax. Given the city’s size everyone always knows what’s going on, and every week there’s a new club event or concert series to attend.


16. Coffee shops are everywhere

And it’s good coffee too! There are tons of places all over the city to grab a strong americano, pop open your laptop, syphon the Wi-Fi and get some work done!


17. The city is growing

New modern condos and University buildings are always appearing throughout the city, and it feels as if there’s constantly construction going on. Two years ago downtown Halifax got a brand new public library, which now acts as a bustling community hub and is considered one of the ten most beautiful libraries in the world.


18. We’re an international hub

Being a port city with so many amazing post secondary opportunities and a rapidly growing economy, Halifax attracts visitors and new residents from all over the world, making it an awesome place to meet interesting people with worldly experiences.


19. There’s lots of urban green space

Halifax is covered in parks and green space, from Citadel Hill to the Public Gardens to The Common in Halifax’s North End. There are tons of community tennis courts, running routes, skate parks and bike paths to try throughout the city.


20. You’re only half an hour from the beach

There’s nothing better then jumping in the car and driving out to the beach on a summer weekend. Lawrence Town and Crystal Crescent are only two of the white sandy beaches within easy driving distance of downtown Halifax – try to visit them all!

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