We all know that one person that goes to St. Francis Xavier University and hasn't stopped talking about their X Ring since first year, and you’re just sitting there like...why?? Well in light of the official X Ring ceremony, where the graduating STFX students finally got their ever so prized possession after years of exams, parties and the wheel, I decided to ask a few STFX students why they care so much about that ring.

So here are 20 reasons why the X ring is so important to STFX students.

1. The STFX ring is one of the most recognized rings in the world

It’s actually third behind the Super Bowl and Papal ring.

2. It’s a symbol of accomplishment and the hard work complete

3. It is a recognizable symbol to identify connections all over the world

4. It’s shiny

5. Works well as a bottle opener

6. Potentially the only ring you’ll ever get

7. It is part of a long family tradition for some

8. Low-key cult-y

9. Gold goes with everything

10. It looks awesome

11. Potentially men and women are made 20% hotter when they're wearing an X ring?

12. Hopefully when someone recognizes it they will help with a job

Maybe buy you a drink, burger or just any kind of perk really...

13. They're really fun to fist bump together

14. If you press it hard enough into some clay or someone's forehead it leaves a little "X"

Could be useful if you were trying to mark the spot for hidden treasure.

15. Shows how much you've grown in University

16. It symbolizes all of the friendships you've gained

17. They're a great conversation starter

18. It's the perfect ice breaker

Slash awesome pick up line.

19. The feeling you get when you put it on for the first time is unlike any other

20. Because it’s the one and only X Ring!

Congrats to all the recent STFX grads!