Growing up in Halifax was great because you got a litte bit of both the city and the country.  You knew everyone around and of course you were right by the ocean. From spending your summer days at the cottage, to bailing yourself out of the trenches when there was a crazy snowfall and your parents made you shovel...

Haligonians had a special upbringing, and here are twenty things anyone who grew up in Halifax can definitely relate to.

1. You watched Theodore Tugboat as a kid

And now every time you see him on the waterfront you get a little excited

2. When someone says they're from "the Bay" you ask "which one"

3. Your grandmother makes tea biscuits regularly

4. Your grandmother also probably lives in Cape breton

5. You sometimes forget that a Lobster Trap isn't just a lawn ornament

6. Your aunts seafood chowder at Christmas is a crowd favourite

7. You buy the highest quality rain gear

8. You still hate driving downtown Halifax

9. The rivalries between high schools were nothing to joke about

10. Cancelling school for a snow day is something you're used to

11. You still call the Scotiabank Centre the "Metro Centre"

12. You're a water baby and get ocean deprived easily

13. You're really nice, but come in a close second place to Cape Bretoners

14. You know someone who knows someone who is linked to a famous hockey player

15. You've been to Boston Pizza for a birthday party or two

16. You've been to the Old Farmers Market

17. You idolize the Mooseheads

18. You've been to Oaklawn Farm Zoo for a field trip

19. The Discovery Centre was your happy place

20. No matter where you go, you'll always come back