Considering there's a chance you might get blackout drunk a little tipsy at your own wedding and forget a couple important details, it's important to hire a talented photographer for the day to ensure that your memories are preserved.

There's a lot that goes into planning a wedding, so we thought we'd make this step that much easier.  Below we've listed a group of super talented wedding photographers that often work in the HRM to immortalise the special day of many happy couples.

Scroll through their work, give them a follow on Instagram, and call up one of these pros next time you're looking to get hitched!

Applehead Studio Photography

Cooked Photography

Kate Hayter Photography

Topher & Rae Studios

Kristyn Smith Photography

Alex MacAulay Photographers

Trevor Allen Photography

Nicole Lapierre Photography

Chantal Routhier Photography

Terri Lynn Warren Photography

Candace Berry Wedding Photography

Madden & Vallis Wedding Photography

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Gingersnap Photography

via @reynodotcom

Dave Reyno Photography

via @onebluefishphotography

One Blue Fish Wedding Photography

via @chellewoottenphoto

Chelle Wootten Photography

via @cassiamacdonaldhairstyling

Blue Vine Photography

via @stefandavidsonphoto

Stefan Davidson Photography

via @caitlyncolfordphotography

Caitlyn Colford Photography

via @npayzant

Nicole Payzant Wedding Photography

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