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21 Reasons You Should Go To Dalhousie

We're so much better than SMU.

August is wrapping up, which can only mean one thing: back to school. Yup, summer is coming to a close. All of a sudden you're going to have to know what day it is, and even what TIME it is. The struggle.

But the good news is that you get to start your new school year at Dal! How exciting is that?! Well, if you're not excited yet, read on and you will be. Whether you're just starting your university adventure, right smack in the middle of it, or even done and you just want to reminisce, here's 21 reasons why Dal is the best:


1. It's Right By The Ocean

It takes literally two minutes to walk right to the shore. Not many other universities in Canada can say that. And you get to enjoy the perks of having a body of water right at your fingertips.

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2. Halifax Is A University Town

Almost everyone you meet is a student, too. This means that your neighbours won't care that you're partying 'till 3 a.m. on a Thursday.

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3. Downtown Is RIGHT THERE

Going to Dal means you're never far from the action. Housing that's close to campus is also close to Cheers. And the Dome. And Lower Deck.

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4. Holidays On Holidays

Dal has a ton of random holidays that get you out of school. Like Munro Day, or Nova Scotia Heritage Day. Or even our random "study days" which we all know are really just "sit in your bed and watch Netflix days".

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5. Fall Reading Week

I repeat, Fall Reading Week. A whole week in November without school... You can spend that time chilling at home or flying the flag somewhere adventurous! Either way, you don't have to be at Dal.

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6. Campus Upgrades

Dalhousie is in the process of upgrading huge parts of campus. There's a new fitness centre coming and it's going to be dope.

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7. Splitties

If you're a fan of day drinking Dal has got you covered. All Dal students respect the unofficial tradition of spending Saturday power hour at Split Crowe.

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8. Coburg Coffee

Have some of the best coffee ever practically on campus. And impress your first dates by showing them this best coffee ever.

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9. We Have Puppies

Dalhousie will set up PUPPY ROOMS during midterms and exams. You can enjoy some puppy love without all the responsibilities.

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10. The Grawood

The Grawood knows how to toss a banger. First Class and Last Class Bash happen. So do bands like Said The Whale.

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11. Dal Has A Ghost, Guys

Yup, her name is Penelope. The story goes that Penelope lived in Shirreff Hall. When she was impregnated by a professor and then rejected, she ran to the highest tower and hung herself. Now she sits in the quiet corners of this residence waiting for oblivious students...


12. Dal After Dark

Maybe drinking isn't your thing, and that's OK. There's a lot of pressure in uni to party, but Dal After Dark provides you an alternative for that by running (low cost/no cost) alcohol-free events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

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13. Prime Tinder Location

Dalhousie is extremely central. This means that if you're a Tinder user every guy/girl in Halifax is going to be on your radar.

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14. Variety

Dal has a pretty large international student population. Seriously, there's over 110 countries represented at Dal. This gives you the opportunity to make friends from exotic places. Friends that can then invite you to visit them...

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15. It Snows

Like a lot. Which might seem like a bummer but lots of snow = lots of snow days, because Dal will shut campus down at even the slightest hint of that powder-y white stuff.

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16. School Spirit Re-channelled

Friday nights aren't spent at football games. No, Dalhousie-ians use all their sports-free time to throw keggers.


17. Pokéstops

Okay, it had to come up. Dal's campus is (especially the Quad) just littered with pokéstops. Think of all the potential items you could add to your bag.


18. Tiger Patrol

Tiger Patrol is a taxi service that you can use for FREE. As long as you're a Dal student with a Dal Card then you can use Tiger Patrol.

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19. You're Never Too Old To Play

THERE ARE SWINGS ON CAMPUS. That's right, if you're feeling too stressed you can literally just go for a quick swing to bring you back to your childhood roots.


20. Richard Florizone

Richard Florizone is Dalhousie's president. This man is awesome and I have quite literally seen students call him "the Flo" to his face.

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21. Dal Has Something For Everyone

Dal has over 400 societies and clubs. Do you like parkour? Yeah there's a club for that. How about the Rubik's cube? Harry Potter? Judo? Random Acts of Kindness? There are literally clubs for all of those things, AND MORE!

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