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23 Bucket List Things You Need To Do On Your Next New England Road Trip

Get out of the Maritimes for some merry times
23 Bucket List Things You Need To Do On Your Next New England Road Trip

Are you and your friends sick of exploring the Maritime provinces? Are you ready for a bigger adventure for this summer? By now you’ve probably explored every little Nova Scotian town we’ve got, not to mention the surrounding provinces.

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We’ve got your back for your squad’s next road trip! Dig out your passports, grab your snacks, make a solid playlist and get ready to head out to New England! Below is an itinerary you might use for your next adventure - visit these spots and take part in all the exciting activities they offer.

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1. Lobster Fishing and Seal Watching

Bar Harbour, Maine

Head out on a fun boating adventure to catch yourself a lobster and enjoy time watching seals, followed by a delicious lobster bake!

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2. Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School 

Bar Harbour, Maine

Give your legs a much-needed stretch and head out climbing in Maine to catch some incredible views.

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3. L.L.Bean

Freeport, Maine

Visit the biggest retailer right downtown and do some shopping for camping gear and some Bean Boots!

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4. Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park

Freeport, Maine

A 5-minute drive from downtown, get back to experiencing nature on your trip and enjoy a walk in the woods!

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5. Portland Famers' Market

Portland, Maine

Spend your Saturday morning at the market and find tons of delicious, fresh baked goods, jams, produce, meat & poultry and artisanal goods.

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6. Portland Observatory

Portland, Maine

An old historic landmark you have to see while you're in Portland. When you get to the top, you'll get a great view of the city, while learning some history.

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7. The Witch House

Salem, Massachusetts

This is where you'll find some history about Salem and town's history involving The Witch Trials in the 17th Century.

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8. Salem Maritime National Historical Site 

Salem, Massachusetts

If you're into history not involving just The Witch Trials, check out the museum to learn more about American History!

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9. Fenway Park

Boston, Massachusetts

Don't miss the opportunity for a hot dog and a Red Sox game! Baseball is America's favorite pass time, after all.

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10. Boston Tea Party Museum

Boston, Massachusetts

Visit the museum learn more about the historic event and for a decent cup of afternoon tea. Maybe even take a risk and throw some tea overboard!

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11. Samuel Adams Brewery 

Boston, Massachusetts

For something a little stronger than tea, stop by the Brewery and grab a drink!

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12. Cape Cod National Seahorse

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A gorgeous national park designated by President John F. Kennedy! Relax while taking a 40-mile stroll along the coast. Nearby are some hiking and biking trails for visitors to explore as well.

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13. Heritage Museums & Gardens

Sandwich, Massachusetts

The perfect place for a stroll through some stunning gardens and exhibits.

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14. Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Why not relax and take the time for a movie night while having a vintage style drive-in experience. Grab some snacks at the snack bar and get cozy in your car!

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Providence, Rhode Island

If you head to out on your road trip in June check out PVDFEST, a recently new and now an annual festival that features music, arts, dance, and food.

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16. Go Sailing!

Newport, Rhode Island

Why not try your hand at sailing! Grab some life jackets and head out onto the water! You can rent a sailboat, here.

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17. Tour the Mansions of Newport

Spend an afternoon admiring the beautiful Mansions of Newport, like The Elms, for a Downton-Abbey-esque experience.

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18.  Mark Twain House

Hartford, Connecticut

Go see how beautiful is the Mark Twain House and discover where all of the writer’s ideas came to life.

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19. Firebox

Hartford, Connecticut

For a meal, take a trip to Firebox, a restaurant that works closely with local farmers. Depending on the season, the restaurant adjusts it menu accordingly to fit their business partner's needs!

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20. Arethusa Falls

Lincoln, New Hampshire

By the time you and your friends make it down to New Hampshire, you’ll definitely be sick of being in the car. Stretch your legs and hike to the stunning Arethusa Falls.

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21. Alpine Adventure

Lincoln, New Hampshire

You could also take a trip and visit Alpine Adventure for a day of zip-lining with some spectacular mountain views!

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22. Covered Bridge Museum

Bennington, Vermont

Take a trip to The Bennington Center For The Arts to see the Covered Bridge Museum, and find out what the hype is all about.

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23. Bennington Battle Monument

Be sure to visit the monument to find out more about the city and its involvement in the battle behind it.

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