23 Things Only Dal Students Will Understand

You know what an ON-Terrible is.

Every university has a few things that only students that attend that school will understand. When it comes to Dal, that limit really does not exist.

As a Dal student, I'm sure you've tried to explain something that seems super normal to you to a non-Dal student only to have them question what kind of random academic institution you attend. But at the end of the day it's hard not love Dal.

So is it the GREYwood or the GRAWood?

Someone needs to send out a mass PSA about this ASAP.

Getting lost in the LSC

You could literally have been going to Dal for 10 years, and still have trouble finding your way around this building.

The fact that the Subway toaster can't keep up with demand.

Hats off to all of the students that made it through exam season with a broken toaster at Subway.

Munro Day

This Munro guy is the real MVP. There's nothing better than getting a long weekend to celebrate the fact that Dal still exist.

When the University says that construction will be done in 1 year.

2 years later... We're all still waiting on phase two of the Dalplex. (Also the Henry Hicks)

The multitude of different explanations behind the penis statue.

"It's supposed to be a symbol of mother nature." SURE.

The fact that the doors in the Killam are heavier than a ton of bricks

Opening the doors at the Killam should count as a sufficient arm day workout.

Tiger Patrol

Me: "Can I get picked up at the SUB?"

Tiger Patrol: "That's the other van."

Me: *Calls other van*

Tiger Patrol 2: "No, we don't pick up from the SUB. Try the other van."

Me: ...

Having beef with SMU for literally no reason

... Robie Street High School

Waiting in the Tim's line at the SUB.

There is literally no other place that I would accept waiting in such a long line.

Accepting that you're probably going to end up sitting behind a pole if you have class in the MacMechan Auditorium.

There are so many questionable things about the architecture of the Killam.

The fact that you have to book a room to have the luxury of studying in the LSC.

Are you really a Dal student if you haven't used your friends B00's to book a room for longer than 2 hours during exam season.

"ON- terribles"

Somehow half of the Dalhousie population is from "just outside of Toronto."

Getting Dal Alerts about snow days only to find out it's for the Truro Campus and not the ones in Halifax. 

*Unsubscribes from Dal Alerts*

Trying to walk against the crowd in the McCain lobby when classes are let out.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

"Quiet study space"

When first years in the Killam treat the quiet part as a suggestion as opposed to a regulation.

All of the luxuries of having a Dalcard 

Honestly, the main benefit is that Triple A takes Dalcard now.

Trying and failing to use the equipment at the Dalplex

I've accepted that the Dalplex is strictly for writing exams. This working out thing just isn't panning out anymore. Or working out in the change room because it's just easier.

Going to Academic Advising and leaving with more questions.


The only Instagram account worth following.

When the high school students take over the Killam during their exam season

Me: "She doesn't even go here!"

Trying to get from your class on the Carleton campus to your class on the Studley campus in 10 minutes

Tiger Pride

Dal honestly has some of the most painful turnout rates when it comes to our sporting events. *Only going to sports games because there's actually a strong chance of winning the money raffle*