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28 Super Talented Photographers In Nova Scotia That You Have To Follow On Instagram

These creators make our province look awesome!
28 Super Talented Photographers In Nova Scotia That You Have To Follow On Instagram

Over the past couple years technological developments in the field of digital photography have equipped hobbyist photographers with the tools necessary to shoot some amazing, professional grade content.  Constant smart phone updates have turned our mobile devices into high quality cameras, arming creative people with the tools necessary to produce awesome work with ease.  Instagram and Facebook allow us to rapidly share content with artistic communities all over the world at the click of a button.

All of these factors have brought a massive new audience to the field of photography.  With a well curated portfolio and a unique perspective, anyone can emerge as successful within the industry.  We put together a list of some really talented photographers working throughout the province that you have to keep an eye on.

We've included all different types of photographers, from those who make a living in the profession to those with a fantastic eye that just shoot for fun. You won't regret following these creators on Instagram - they put out some awesome pictures of Nova Scotia, and countries all over the world!


Devon Berquist // @tundra.punk


Hilary Hendsbee // @hilaryhendsbee


Nick Hudson // @nickhudsonphoto


Mike Bayer // @mjb_photo


Nedjma Ababou // @nedjmaababou


Patrick Fulgencio // @patrickfulgencio


Ian Selig // @ianseligphoto


Scott Blackburn // @scottophoto


Riley Smith // @rileysmithphoto


Jeff Harper // @banjomanjeff


Dean Pyne // @dean_pineapple


James Rapaport // @jamesrapaport


Jason Peterson // @jsn.ptrsn


Jeff Cooke // @jeffcooke


Patrick Collins // @pvcollinsphotos


Dylan Hebb // @dylanhebb


Andrew // @mr_lambchops


Adrian Mclean // @adrian_mclean


TJ Maguire // @tjhfx


Katie Gillighan // @ktgillighan


Rachel McGrath // @rachelmcgrath


Caroline Lauder // @carolineelauder


Mike Cyr // @mike.cyr


Brinton Photography // @brintonphotography


Mo Sang // @moestly


Rob Canning // @rob_canning

via @eastcoastkid03

Mike Bernier // eastcoastkid03

via @skysailingstudios

Sky Sailing Studios // @skysailingstudios

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