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32 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Haligonian Needs To Try

Give yourself some time to check all these bad boys off.
32 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Haligonian Needs To Try

Halifax may be famous for its seafood, but the city is covered with a unique collection of restaurants that serve amazing dishes from all over the world.

After conducting some mouthwatering research, we’ve compiled a list of the restaurants that you absolutely HAVE to visit during your time on the East Coast.  Whether you’re looking for pub grub, fresh oysters, gourmet lobster or all-you-can-eat sushi, the following restaurants offer something delicious everyone can enjoy.

Bon appétit!

1. Wasabi House

Type: Japanese

Where: 6403 Quinpool Road

2. The Wooden Monkey

Type: Canadian

Where: 1707 Grafton Street

3. Henry House

Type: Gastropub

Where: 1222 Barrington Street

4. Five Fishermen Restaurant

Type: Seafood

Where: 1740 Argyle Street

5. Field Guide

Type: Canadian

Where: 2076 Gottingen Street

6. The Great Wall Restaurant

Type: Chinese

Where: 1649 Bedford Row

7. The Bicycle Thief

Type: Italian

Where: 1475 Lower Water Street

8. Chives Canadian Bistro

Type: Canadian

Where: 1537 Barrington Street

9. Economy Shoe Shop

Type: Gastropub

Where: 1663 Argyle Street

10. Bluenose II Restaurant

Type: Seafood

Where: 1824 Hollis Street

11. 2 Doors Down

Type: Canadian

Where: 1533 Barrington Street

12. The Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Type: Seafood

Where: 5218 Prince Street

13. Ardmore Tea Room

Type: Diner

Where: 6499 Quinpool Road

14. Argyle Bar & Grill

Type: Gastropub

Where: 1575 Argyle Street

15. The Foggy Goggle

Type: Gastropub

Where: 1667 Argyle Street

16. Morris East Restaurant

Type: Canadian

Where: 5212 Morris Street

17. Gio

Type: Italian

Where: 1725 Market Street

18. Bistro Le Coq

Type: French

Where: 1584 Argyle Street

19. Hamachi House Fine Japanese Cuisine

Type: Japanese

Where: 5190 Morris Street

20. The Old Triangle Irish Ale House

Type: Gastropub

Where: 5136 Prince Street

21. Stories Fine Dining

Type: Canadian

Where: 5184 Morris Street

22. Ristorante a Mano

Type: Italian

Where: 1477 Lower Water Street

23. Cut Steakhouse

Type: Steakhouse

Where: 5120 Salter Street

24. Agricola Street Brasserie

Type: French

Where: 2540 Agricola Street

25. The Stubborn Goat

Type: Gastropub

Where: 1579 Grafton Street

26. Curry Village

Type: Indian

Where: 1569 Dresden Row

27. ChaBaa Thai

Type: Thai

Where: 1546 Queen Street

28. Ela! Greek Taverna

Type: Greek

Where: 215 Chain Lake Drive

29. Minato Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Type: Japanese

Where: 1520 Queen Street

30. Stillwell

Type: Gastropub

Where: 1672 Barrington Street

31. Piatto Pizzeria

Type: Italian

Where: 5144 Morris Street

32. Highwayman

Type: Spanish

Where: 1673 Barrington Street

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