Maybe you've heard of a little movie called Mean GirlsWhat a dumb question, of course you have. Tina Fey, the queen of comedy, put this movie together in 2004 to teach us all about the struggles of high school. Since it's release Mean Girls has become one of the most quotable movies of all time, and remains a timeless classic to this day. I challenge you to find a girl who hasn't said "You go Glen Coco!" at least once in her life.

So, to keep the magic of this iconic movie alive, here are six Halifax universities as Mean Girls characters:

Dalhousie University - Regina George

"Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by Regina George" - or in this case, rich, GTA basics from Dalhousie University.

Regina is popular, pretty, and straight up evil. Everyone hates her and loves her at the same time. She's intimidating, spoiled, and she always wins Spring Fling Queen. Sound familiar? Dalhousie University is full of girls that hail from the six. They've got a lot of money, a lot of expensive clothes, and you can just tell that they feel pretty good about themselves.

It's not all bad. Regina gets to date the hotties, and Dalhousie girls almost always have a good piece of arm candy.

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King's University College - Gretchen Wieners

"We should totally just stab Caesar!" says King's about Dalhousie.

If Dalhousie is the Regina, then King's is definitely the Gretchen. Gretchen is small but feisty. She's not very loyal or grateful, and she's definitely not humble. In other words, she's the type of girl that everyone loves to hate. King's students totally rely on Dalhousie's popularity - but it definitely doesn't mean they like Dal. Their somewhat obnoxious reputation and overall hipster-ness make them the students that other universities like to b*tch about.

Don't forget though. Gretchen is part of The Plastics, which means that even though people don't like her, they still know her. King's students might be annoying, but everyone here still knows them.

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Saint Mary's University - Karen Smith

"I can fit my whole fist in my mouth, want to see?" - your average SMUdent.

Karen is infamous for being less than academic. Her talents include kissing whoever looks the hottest (no matter their relation to her) and feeling her breasts in the rain. Kids from Saint Mary's University probably share similar talents, since Robie Street High isn't exactly known for being the most scholastic institution.

There's a plus side. Karen might be dumb but she's the nicest out of all of The Plastics. People don't really respect SMU but they don't dislike them either.

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Mount Saint Vincent University - Cady Heron

"The limit does not exist" - MSVU students referring to the amount of times they've tried to get other universities to notice them.

Cady Heron is a pretty regular girl. She's nice, albeit a little weird. When she gets to North Shore she just wants to make friends and get socialized. Like Cady, MSVU just wants to be one of the gang, but the school is way out in the North End. Sure, the people out there know who they are, but downtown...?

Don't give up MSVU! Eventually Cady gets to be one of The Plastics! So, don't let go of your dreams!

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Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design - Janis Ian

"Hey I'm having an art show... I want you to see it" says your NSCAD friend, guilting you into going.

Janis Ian is an "art freak". She's not really interested in typical high school drama, nor does she seem particularly interested in showering. She really only cares about her art and her friends. Those things sound distinctly NSCAD and that's why it's the Janis Ian of Halifax. NSCAD students spend all day painting, sculpting, drawing, etc. They don't really seem to attract much attention or create any drama. And they don't really appear to care about showering either.

Don't worry. NSCAD-ians might not be stoked on being labelled the Janis but she is probably the most likeable character in the whole movie.

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Acadia - Crying Girl

"I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles" - the random girl that nobody knows.

No one knows who this girl is. All we know is that she showed up at North Shore even though she "doesn't even go here". As is the case with that one random Acadia student that just seems to be at every. single. party you go to.

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