If you’ve ever seen TLC’s Long Island Medium, you may be skeptical about the psychic arts.  For those that remain believers, we put together a list of six fortune tellers and psychics in Nova Scotia who would be happy to read your tarot cards and inform you of what the future holds.

Whether you’re seeking some serious spiritual solace or just going as a joke, book an appointment today with one of these professional psychics and have all your burning questions answered.

1. Deborah Young

Karmic astrologer Deborah Young uses her knowledge of the celestial realm to explore your astrological charts and understand your future based on your star sign. Deborah also uses runic stones, tarot cards numerology and medium-ship in her popular sessions to try and answer the spiritual questions her clients bring to the table. Click here to book a session with Deborah at her Gottingen Street studio.

2. Edna’s Fortune

Kentville psychic Edna has always had the ability to see things both past, present and future, both as they pertain to her own life and the lives of those around her. She has granted psychic readings by telephone to people from all over the world, providing people with insight, guidance, and contact with relatives who have passed on. Edna’s calming, accurate fortune telling sessions can be booked here today!

3. Into The Mystic

This spiritual collective in Cole Harbour offers visitors the chance to pick up variety of unique crystals, teas and jewelry, in addition to providing readers and classes for all their visitors. Book a session with Pinky from England, and watch her read your tea leaves to predict the future, or consult with Donna to have your Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards read. Check out some of their classes and packages here.

4. The Psychic Café

With locations in both Halifax and Dartmouth, The Psychic Café offers both online and telephone readings to those who visit. Drop by the café and call Steve at 902-434-8255 to book an appointment using either tarot cards or numerology, and you’ll be connected with one of their many psychic professionals for an informative and relaxing psychic session.

5. Halifax Astrologer

Astrologer Mj Patterson has been practicing her craft for over thirty years, and has worked extensively with the Ottawa Astrological Society and is the co-founder of the Astrologers’ Registry of Ontario. She is now using her skills and knowledge of the astrological realm to provide classes, couples analysis, star sign updates and “astro parties” to those with burning questions in Halifax. Book a session here with Mj today!

6. Halifax Energy Therapy

Most of Lisa’s services revolve around providing energy therapy and reiki workshops to her clients, but she also does modern tarot readings to provide her customers with some insights into their past and future. Make an appointment with Halifax Energy Therapy if you’re looking for a different type of holistic healing, or you want some spiritual answers!

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