We all need a little help in the eyebrow department sometimes. Whether you like to grow yours out full and bushy, or you can't live without your tweezers, there comes a time where every girl (and even some guys!) needs to consult a professional. Eyebrow technicians are trained to help you look for absolute best, so whether they're waxing, threading, plucking, tinting or simply filling in your caterpillars, they're doing so with your best interest in mind.

Below, you'll find some of Halifax's best eyebrow specialists to help you achieve that strong eyebrow game you've always wanted.


1. Waxon Wax Bar // 5476 Spring Garden rd.

For the ultimate eyebrow shaping experience, Waxon Wax Bar is the place to go. Guita, the threading specialist, is one of Halifax’s most sought-after threaders, and provides beautiful, clean results every time. Choose any one of their waxers for eyebrows that are guaranteed to be on fleek every time.

2. Sykea Salon and Spa // 1181 Hollis St.

Stella from Sykea Salon and Spa has been called one of the best brow waxers in all of Halifax, if not all of Canada. This brow guru will fix all of your eyebrows crises and work with you to ensure the growth and maintenance of full, clean, and healthy brows, year round.

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3. Kara’s Urban Day Spa // 5980 Spring Garden rd.

If you’re looking to freshen up those caterpillars and ensure amazing results, visit Holly at Kara’s Urban Day Spa. Her professional yet upbeat attitude will have you forgetting you’re getting hair ripped off your face, and her tinting services are hard to beat.

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4. Saskia Roch Aesthetics // 2725 Agricola st.

Located at Foxy Moon Hair Gallery, Saskia Roch Aesthetics offers a wide range of services, but Saskia’ eyebrow waxing is of another caliber. She really cares about her clients, listens to your needs, and is always ready with suggestions on how to fix any problems or simply get the most out of your brows.

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5. Dime Salon // 5525 Cornwallis St.

Katherine from Dime Salon has won The Coast’s “Best Esthetician” award 5 years running, so she knows what she’s doing. Her brow wax+tint combo for only $33 makes her one to beat, and the results are incredible. You’ll having people complimenting your brows until your next appointment!

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6. Remedy Spa // 1546 Granville St.

Most people come to the spa for relaxing treatments, and then there are those that know beauty is pain. That’s why people trust Angela from Remedy Spa with their brows; while it may not be the most relaxing service, Angela’s expertise allows her to work quickly and effectively to produce beautiful brows to fit all her clients’ needs.

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