7 Amazing U.S Destinations That Are Driving Distance From Halifax

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7 Amazing U.S Destinations That Are Driving Distance From Halifax

While Halifax will always be home sweet home, we know you sometimes need to get away in order to come back and appreciate what you have in front of you. And what better way to get away than to cross the border and visit our neighbours, the US!

Instead of driving all the way around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, we recommend taking the CAT ferry from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia directly to Portland, Maine for optimal road trip potential. So get in your cars and get exploring!

1. Portland, ME

8 hours 30 minutes away

Not to be confused with Portland, Oregon, which was (fun fact!) actually named after the Portland in Maine. It is Maine’s largest city, and is known for its large density of restaurants, so there will be no shortage of yummy places to eat! The Old Port district and Arts districts are must sees if you decide to visit Portland.

2. Bangor, ME

6 hours 41 minutes away

Also located in Maine, and famous for being the setting of several of Stephen King’s stories as well as the author’s home, Bangor has rightfully earned the nickname Transylvania. Some must see destinations are King’s spooky mansion on 13th street, the 31-foot-tall Paul Bunyan state and the Mount Hope Garden Cemetery, where you will find the tomb of Hannibal Hamlin, the US’s 15th Vice President under Abraham Lincoln!

3. Woodstock, VT

11 hours 16 minutes away

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, head to Woodstock, Vermont and you'll be immediately transported to Stars Hollow. This beautiful town is famous for its annual fall Harvest Weekend (Oct. 8 & 9!), held at the historic Billings Farm and Museum.

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4. Provincetown, MA

12 hours 12 minutes away

Voted the most LGBT-friendly town in all of USA, this vibrant and beautiful beach town is a popular destination for weddings, whale watching, and wishing you could stay here forever.

5. Oak Bluffs, MA

12 hours 28 minutes away

Located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Oak Bluffs offers some of the most unique buildings and homes you will find in any town in the States. Take a stroll down Circuit Ave. and see if you can find these "gingerbread homes," as they are so lovingly called by locals.

6. Portsmouth, NH

9 hours 20 minutes away

As beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer, Portsmouth, New Hampshire offers arguably some of the best food and restaurants in the state, and the views while you're enjoying your meal are hard to match. With so many museums, music halls, and festivals going on here year round, Portsmouth will appeal to any and all culture buffs.

7. Ithaca, NY

15 hours 25 minutes away

An underrated beautiful city in New York and home to the prestigious Cornell University, Ithaca is vibrant and alive with its large student population frequenting the downtown cultural hubs, such as the State Theatre, the Ithaca Commons, and the Johnson Museum of Art. For those of you who are more in tune with nature, Ithaca is surrounded by two state parks, a scenic lake, and a plethora of hiking trails to keep you busy and active throughout your whole visit.

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