Kejimikujik is always a great place to escape to during the summer but sometimes you just aren't totally sure what to do. Aside from drinking and eating hot dogs, Keji has so much to offer its visitors during their visit. 

Below is a list of some activities you can take part in this summer while you visit the park. Make use of that Discover Pass and go explore your province!

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Canoeing and Kayaking

One of the best ways to explore is on the water. Not only can you rent out boats yourself, but you can also go on guided tours. You can experience a voyager type canoeing tour along the Mersey Stillwater River, while learning some history of the park. If you were looking to do something more independent, you can also check out Big Damn Lake.

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Star Gazing

If you're into astronomy or just all about star gazing, Keji has an awesome outdoor space dedicated to stargazing! For a day, you can rent a Dark Sky Kit, which includes everything you need for the perfect, solo, star gazing experience. To learn even more about our skies, attend the Guides to the Galaxy: Dark Skies Discoveries to learn more about our solar system!

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Fishing is such a great way to unwind after a day of many activities. You can fish at Keji from April 1st to August 31st with the use of the permit. Find out more information about permits here.

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A classic camping, outdoor activity. Grab your trail mix and your backpack and head out on one of Keji's many hiking trails. With 16 trails, Keji has a variety of hikes for any hiker with little or tons of experience.

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With multiple trails of different difficulty levels, Keji is quite accommodating for its cyclists. Whether you bring your own bike with you or rent one at the park, be sure to have the proper safety equipment!

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Keji has four, unsupervised beaches where you can jump in for a dip after a day of hiking, cycling or after a tour around the park! Kedge Beach, Slapfoot Beach, Meadow Beach, and Merrymakedge Beach are all great beaches to spend an afternoon at.

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Aside from all the other activities, you can participate in, Keji also has a ton of tours for its visitors. From Night Hikes to Petrogylphs, you can learn so much about Nova Scotia's history, all in one place. Here is a scheduled list of all the tours you can take during your time at the park!