Conquer your fear of heights by hiking out to one of these incredible bridges during the summer, and take in the awesome trails and rivers that surround these structures.  Some of the bridges we listed below are in the middle of nowhere, and will provide you with incredible views of the surrounding wilderness, while others traverse coastlines looking out over vast bodies of water.

For some of the best East Coast views around take a day trip to the spots we’ve collected below – we promise you won’t regret it!

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Tidnish Suspension Bridge, Nova Scotia

Located in near Amherst along the Henry Ketchum Hiking Trail, turn left off Route 366 just after the Tidnish River and hike along the dirt road that says “no exit,” while keeping an eye out for the bridge – it should be about a ten-minute walk. Hike along the trail and take in awesome views of the river and surrounding forest.

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Liscomb River Trail, Nova Scotia

Drive out to the Eastern Shore for a hike along the beautiful 9.6km Liscomb River Trail, and enjoy incredible waterfall views along the way from the side of this surreal suspension bridge. Head out to the river between June and October to observe salmon running upriver, and stay overnight at the nearby Liscomb Lodge and Resort for a luxurious weekend getaway.

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Macdonald Bridge, Nova Scotia

Known as “the old bridge,” the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge crosses the Halifax Harbour, linking the Halifax Peninsula with Dartmouth and the rest of the HRM. A local landmark, this spot is a popular subject for local photographers and Instagrammers to capture. Construction on the bridge over the past year will result in a brand new modern structure that should be ready by this summer!

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MacKay Bridge, Nova Scotia

When there’s construction on the Macdonald Bridge the MacKay provides an alternative to easily commuting throughout the HRM. Of the two bridges, only the MacKay allows pedestrians and bikes to cross, making it the ideal spot to grab a picture of the harbour from above.

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La Manche Provincial Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

Just a 50-minute drive from St. John’s, La Manche Provincial Park is the perfect spot for a summer hike, where visitors can find waterfalls, great rivers for canoeing, and over fifty species of birds to observe. Swim in the freshwater pools, or take in the view from a massive suspension bridge that leads to the abandoned village of La Manche.

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Fundy Trail Parkway, New Brunswick

Order your pass to hike the Fundy Trail Parkway here, and explore 19km of incredible shoreline and panoramic views of the Bay. Kayak along the Fundy Trial Coastline and visit sea caves in the area, or take in views of the towering cliffs and pristine beaches new Big Salmon River from over the side of a massive 84-meter suspension bridge.

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Shogomoc Walking Bridge Trail, New Brunswick

Take a summer hike along this easy walking trail to find the Shogomoc Walking Bridge, on the west side of the St. John River overlooking the mouth of the Shogomoc Stream. Enjoy views of the surrounding river bed and foliage while enjoying a simple hike through the New Brunswick wilderness.