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7 Types Of Halifax Guys You've Definitely Matched With On Tinder

*Insert cheesy pickup line here*
7 Types Of Halifax Guys You've Definitely Matched With On Tinder

Ladies, it’s time to face the facts: finding love is hard. And with school work, jobs, and so many friends to keep up with, our busy lifestyles don’t make it any easier to go out and see what’s available. Thankfully, we have Tinder: the quick and easy solution for our struggle in the search for love (or whatever else you might be looking for ?).

Because Halifax attracts such a specific crowd, we’ve easily narrowed it down to the 7 types of guys you will inevitably swipe right on at least once in your life.

1. The Commerce Bro, 20

Occupation: Worked for his dad’s business last summer

Interests: Commerce, 4/20, finance, beer, business (?), going to the dome.

Reason why you swiped right: You know this guy is most likely a douche, but he’s irresistibly cute in an average kind of way - and he looks damn good in a suit!

2. The Guy In The Indie Band, 19

Occupation: King’s student, probably

Interests: His guitar, his recording equipment, his bandmates, and maybe you too if you can pretend to hate top 40 music enough.

Reason why you swiped right: You’ve always been interested in the idea of a dark, brooding boy serenading you at 3am, plus you’ve always wanted to say “My boyfriend’s in the band.”

3. The Artist, 23

Occupation: Server

Interests: NSCAD, obscure coffee shops you’ve never heard of, poetry zines, hanging out at Plan B.

Reason why you swiped right: You love the idea of being immortalized in his art, and let’s face it, there’s something insanely attractive about his unwashed hair, his scruffy beard and those crazed eyes.

4. The Adventurer, 30

Occupation: Self-proclaimed Wildlife Photographer

Interests: Traveling to new continents, hiking through the wilderness, finding himself, Instagram.

Reason why you swiped right: This dude may be a little older, but this Tinder profile makes him look like a kid at heart, with that goofy smile as he stands on top of a Machu Picchu - you can't resist a cultured man.

5. The guy with the cute dog, 28

Occupation: Literally anything

Interests: You don’t really care.


6. The firefighter, 27

Occupation: ….Firefighter, duh

Interests: Saving the world one kitten at a time, hanging out by the beach, the simple life.

Reason why you swiped right: You don’t really know, but for whatever reason there seem to be an abundance of firefighters in Halifax, and you were inevitably going to swipe right on one of them.

7. The varsity athlete, 23

Occupation: Hockey bro/Soccer star/Volleyball babe

Interests: Working out, protein shakes, cheat day.

Reason why you swiped right: If you’re being honest with yourself, you know it was the abs that pulled you in. But you also know that athletes are some of the most self-disciplined people out there and who knows, he might even inspire you to work out with him.

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