The great thing about Halifax is that there's pretty much a restaurant for everyday of the week. So you and your friends no longer have to wait until Thursday to hit up a restaurant for good drink and food deals, you can easily do that on any day of the week here! If you don't get to #treatyourself often then this list will totally help guide you to the best under the radar restaurants by day. 

Sometimes you just need to celebrate each day with it's specific food or drink, it helps makes the week go by faster. Take Margarita Mondays, they're the perfect way to start off the week, especially if you're not a Monday person. Even if you don't feel like getting drinks, there are also great food options like Taco Tuesdays... So no matter what day of the week it is, these restaurants all have something special to offer!

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1. The Bitter End // 1572 Argyle St

Martini Monday's

Yes, it's Martini Monday's at the Bitter End, not Margarita! But that's Monday for you, always throwing curve balls. The Bitter End is known for it's Martini's so it's a blessing when they make a special out of it, especially on everyone favourite day of the week. With exams approaching for many people, this is the perfect and much needed study break you've been looking for.

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2. Tempo Food + Drink // 1875 Barrington St

Taco Tuesday

If there's one thing you have to try in Halifax, it's Tempo's award winning tacos. Despite being right on the corner of Duke and Barrington, so many people have never stepped foot into this place. So if tacos aren't the perfect excuse to see what Tempo has to offer, then I don't know what is.

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3. The Old Triangle // 5135 Prince St

Whiskey Wednesdays

It's hump day! The Old Triangle offers great deals on Whiskey flights on Wednesdays. Now don't get carried away and start treating Whiskey Wednesdays like Wine Wednesday, because you're night will go down very differently in that case.

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4. The Argyle // 1575 Argyle St

Thirsty Thursdays

With all the construction going on on Argyle St, it's hard to tell if the restaurants are even open anymore... In true Halifax spirit, Thursday's and Friday's have pretty much become interchangeable. Oddly enough, it almost feels like there are more people downtown on a Thursday than on a Friday. That might be because almost all of the bars in Halifax live, laugh, love for Thirsty Thursdays. Instead of going to Cheers, you could also change it up and hit up the Argyle.

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5. Boston Pizza // 1859 Granville St

Fishbowl Friday

So Boston Pizza definitely isn't an under the radar restaurant. Let's be real though, in Halifax chain restaurants aren't nearly as popular as local ones. So it's kind of under the radar in the sense. If you're thinking that there are a million other restaurants in Halifax to try before Boston Pizza, I won't say you're wrong, but I will say you should make an exceptions on Fridays.

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6. Mexicali Rosa's Halifax

Sangria Saturdays

Mexi's Sangrias are so tasty that they'll have you questioning whether or not there's even alcohol in it! But honestly, stopping by Mexi's is a great change to your classic Saturday activities *cough* Splitties...

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7. Auction House // 1726 Argyle St

Caesar Sundays

Okay so Caesar doesn't start with S, but it still works. Plus you won't be complaining once you tried one from the Auction House. Also every Caesar really does come with bacon, so if that doesn't speak for itself, I don't know what does.