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8 Of The Best Barbershops You Have To Visit In Halifax

Fresher than a MoFo.

Next time you're looking for a fresh clip in the HRM, be sure to visit one of these barbershops located all throughout the city!  We compiled a list in no particular order of all the coolest barbers in Halifax, who offer everything from beard trims to hair design, head massages and more.

Some of these spots offer the full traditional barbershop experience, while others have put their own modern spin on the average haircut.  Most of these business' only serve walk in clients, but some require an appointment so make sure you call ahead!

Take advantage of all the awesome services and traditional vibes at these eight unreal spots.


Saint Lou’s // 1869 Upper Water Street

“Saint Lou's Barbershop was designed to be a neighbourhood shop built with the intentions of capturing the community nature of a traditional barbershop. We believe getting a haircut should be fun and relaxing.”


  • Rob Oxner, Barber/Owner
  • Dexter Outhit, Barber
  • Jenn Knocton, Barber

Prices & Services:

  • Barber Shop Cut, $29
  • Sides only, $23 - $29
  • Kids, $23
  • Buzz, $18
  • Tidy Up, $12
  • Clean Neck, $5
  • Beard Trim, $12 - $17


Sailor Bup’s // 5281 Sackville Street

Award winning barbershop and men's grooming supply store in a historic 137-year-old room located in downtown Halifax. Never a dull moment.” Sailor Bup’s has a massive team at three different locations spread throughout the HRM that are dedicated to providing you with the best possible barbershop experience.

Prices & Services:

  • Men's Haircut, $16
  • Men's Long Hair Trim (no clipper work), $20
  • Kid's Cut (under 10), $16
  • Beard Treatment (trim, skin conditioning, hair conditioning), $16
  • Traditional Head & Face Massage, $26
  • Hot Towel Shave, $30
  • The Full Monty (Cut, massage and shave), $55
  • Buzz Cut, $6
  • Straight Razor Neck Clean Up (back), $6
  • Straight Razor Neck Clean Up (front), $16
  • Beard Trim, $6


Phat’s Barber Shop // 2170 Windsor Street

“Need a good haircut? Phat's is the place - with a rare traditional atmosphere, good conversation and a hilarious barber there's no other shop in town that can guarantee your haircut alone will get you laid. Located on Windsor St. just off Quinpool in Halifax, Phat's Barbershop has won several awards including Halifax's Best Barbershop two years running in The Coast.”


  • Phat Luong, Barber/Owner

Prices & Services:

  • Standard Haircut, $18


Brewery Barber // 1496 Lower Water Street

My hairstyling apprenticeship began in Toronto at 'The Hair-Cutting Place' in 1978. Following formal training and certification, I returned to Halifax and joined barber Niki Ryan at 'Barrington Place Shops'. It has been my great pleasure to serve the downtown business community over the last 11 years.”


  • Eoin Wright, Barber/Owner

Prices & Services:

  • Standard Haircut, $20


OBB // 2010 Gottingen Street

“One Block Barbershop is a queer run Aveda salon. OUR GOAL IS to provide a casual/professional atmosphere AND to give really good cuts/colours/styles. We take time to understand what you want and time to do it properly and time to answer any questions you have.”


  • Julia, Hairdresser
  • Laura, Hairstylist
  • Steph, Hairdresser
  • Kat, Hairdresser
  • Frances, Hairdresser
  • Robyn, Hairdresser
  • Michael, Hairdresser

Prices & Services:

  • Short Cut, $38+
  • Buzz Cut, $20+
  • Long Cut, $51+
  • Blow Out, $35+
  • Colour Retouch, $105+
  • Colour All Over, $130+
  • Partial Foil, $130+
  • Full Foil // Balayage, $150+
  • Bleach Retouch, $125+
  • Bleach All Over, $155+
  • Colour & Foil, $155+
  • Braids, $150+
  • Weave, $125+


Oddfellows Barbershop // 6451 Qunpool Road

“Oddfellows is a full-service barbershop offering haircuts, hot shaves, beard trims, and men's grooming products. Our aesthetic here in the shop is a much more contemporary, fashionable, natural look with a lot of texture. We’re really big on education and making sure that people are styling and blowdrying their hair the right way.”


  • Joel Martell, Barber/Owner
  • Ashley Wells, Barber
  • Logan Hawkes, Barber
  • Neil Atkinson, Barber

Prices & Services:

  • Haircut, $25
  • Buzz Cut, $10
  • Shave, $25
  • Beard Trip, $10+
  • Apprentice Cut, $10


Upper Cutz Barber Shop // 6494 Bayers Road

“Upper Cutz barber shop opened in Halifax August, 14 2012. We specialize in all men’s including fades and offer DND discounts. We also carry men’s hair styling products. Our staff are consistently keeping up with the latest hair trends. We would like to thank our barber shop customers for all your support and look forward to serving you for many years to come.”


  • Christy Goodwin, Barber
  • Jamie-Lynn, Barber
  • Michelle Jean, Barber
  • April Lawton, Barber

Prices & Services:

  • Boys, $16.50
  • 13-16 yrs, $18.50
  • Men, $21.50
  • Line up or Beard (alone), $11.50
  • Line up plus Beard, $15.00
  • Shave side or back & design, $15.00+

Add Ons:

  • Shampoo, $2.00
  • Beard, $6.50
  • Design, $7.50 - $30.00

*Get 7 cuts and your 8th will be half price! Upper Cutz also offers discounts to seniors, police officers and bi-weekly visitors.*


Noreast Barber // 1574 Argyle Street

“Full service Barbershop in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, offering the traditional hair cut experience including hot towel shaves and classic haircuts. We take pride in providing top quality barbering services in a fun, relaxed environment."”


  • Jesse, Barber/Owner
  • Stu, Barber
  • Megan, Barber

Prices & Services:

  • Haircut, $25
  • Shave, $30
  • Deluxe Beard Trim, $20
  • Cut & Shave, $50

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