Once and a while, everyone needs an evening out, dressed up and feeling fancy! With lots of bars in Halifax, we've got a couple upscale bars to help you out with your fancy night out!

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Whether you're into places to go dancing, a place to enjoy a glass of wine and some appetizers, or you just really like dressing up and going out, these bars are definitely ones you should add to your list! 

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Lot Six

This awesome and classy bar has an unreal atmosphere and wicked drinks! Definitely, a destination to spend an evening dressed to the nines.

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Why not drink and dance the night away at Pacifico!? This fun night club makes a great place to get dolled up and dance with your friends.

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This little wine bar is a great place to grab drinks with a small group of friends. The cozy atmosphere makes the perfect place to enjoy some small plates and of course, some wine.

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The Carleton

Known for their live music events, The Carleton is a fun place to spend a swanky evening dressed up and with great music!

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The Drawing Room

This amazing little pub is the place to go when you need an evening to feel super sophisticated while holding an incredible drink in your hand.

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Lion and Bright

This awesome North End bar is an amazing place to grab a drink in an awesome, cozy atmosphere. They also have a selection of Maritime craft brews both bottled and on tap!

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The Auction House

With its rich historical background and awesome charitable efforts, The Auction House has a wide selection of drinks, fantastic live music and is a great place to drink an evening away!

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East of Grafton Tavern

This amazing little tavern is a wonderful place to spend a fancy evening out. Settle down for the evening with an amazing food and drink menu.