9 Day Trips Around Halifax That You Need To Take With Your BFF This Fall

Oh the places you'll go!
9 Day Trips Around Halifax That You Need To Take With Your BFF This Fall

Halifax is a beautiful city with so much to do, but there is even more to do and discover discover just outside of the city. Now that fall is here, you and you're bestie have to find things to do that don't include sitting on a bench at the Beergarden, and eating ice cream.

If you and you're BFF are broke AF, taking advantage of cheap weekend day trips will save your bank account and give you something to do that doesn't include spending your entire weekend at home or at Splitties. Plus, there is literally nothing better than trekking around the outskirts of the city with your bestie.

Peggy's Cove

Distance: 1 hour 

How many people can you spot pretending to push, pinch or flick the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove? If you and your bestie are all about chilling on giant rocks by the ocean,as opposed to going on crazy nature hikes, then you'll love visiting Peggy's Cove Lighthouse. Even though it might be the biggest tourist attraction in Nova Scotia, it's still a great trip that never gets old, thanks to the fact that it's only an hour away from the city. 

Annapolis Valley and Hall's Habour

Distance: 1 hour and 45 minutes

There are so many fun and cute things for you and your bestie to do in the Valley that you'll definitely have to make more than one trip. One of the really popular destinations to visit besides the wineries is the Nova Scotian side of the Bay of Fundy known as Hall's Harbour. At low tide you can walk along the harbour floor, then watch as the tides come back in and raises the boats and fishing equipment back up. Hall's Harbour is also known for their extraordinary lobster, so you have to end the day with dinner.


Distance: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Have you ever wondered where that beauty of a sail boat on the Canadian dime is from? Well, you've found it in Lunenburg. The colourful houses, little ice shops, and cafes in Lunenbug definitely give Halifax a run for their money. If you and your bestie want to check out a really cute and quaint city than Lunenburg is the perfect place for you guys. As fun as sightseeing is, while you're in Lunenburg you won't want to miss out on the chance to see and sail on the sailing ambassador of Nova Scotia, the Bluenose II. 

4. York Redoubt

Distance: 25 minutes

If you're from Halifax and have been wondering where all of those instas of people in a graffitied rooms are from, it's here at York Redboubt. The York Redoubt is a historic site super close to the city that you and your best are sure to love. It sits on a bluff overlooking the entrance to the Halifax Harbour. While at the Redoubt, you can read up on the history of the cannons there, and also go on a bit of an adventure to find one of the many forts that are full of colourful graffiti.

McNab's Island

Duration: 25 minutes 

McNab's Island is the largest Island in the Halifax Harbour. It's a great fall adventure that involves a short little boat ride. If you and your BFF are all about fitness this fall then you'll definitely enjoy this day trip to McNabs because the Island has a number of different hiking trails to take advantage of.

Duncan's Cove

Duration: 35 minutes

If McNab's Island just isn't enough for you and your fitness junkie best friend, then you're going to want to head over to Duncan's Cove located on the Chebuto Peninsula. The hiking trails here include rocky mountains and a beautifully rewarding view of the Ocean.

Wentworth Valley

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Don't go chasing waterfalls... Or do, it'll make for a better trip to Wentworth. Wentworth is more than just a place to go skiing, it's also a great fall destination. 


Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

If you really want, you could go on a tour of Acadia University... But in all seriousness, the Botanical Garden at Acadia is a beautiful spot that you and your bestie are going to love. You guys can chill there all day and study, or learn about plants if that floats your boat. There is more to do in Wolfville than just take in the Botanical Gardens. If you want to see what happens to those apples you picked in the Annapolis Valley, you and your bestie have to go to the Annapolis Cider Company. They have cider tours and tasting and maybe you'll learn how to turn all of those extra apples you have into cider.

Cape Split 

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Cape Split is known as one of the greatest day hikes in Nova Scotia. The hike is definitely some work, but it's worth the reward once you get to then end of it. The view at the end of the trail is absolutely breath taking, and something you and your bestie will never forget.