9 Halifax Restaurants With Actual Vegan Options

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9 Halifax Restaurants With Actual Vegan Options

There's this common misconception that a vegan diet consist of painfully bland and boring meals. In reality, there is so much you can do with a plant based diet, if you're willing to invest a little time into it. One of the main reasons why people think that vegans and even vegetarians survive on kale alone is because, when we go out to eat our options are so limited. That being said, it helps to know which restaurants in Halifax actually offer good vegan options.

This is a message for all students living the #poorstudentlife. You don't need to comprise eating healthy to save money. Yeah, there's no denying that a vegan or vegetarian diet can be pricey, but it all depends on where you shop. If you're a Pete's only grocery shopper than obviously you're going to break the bank. But you can also take advantage of student discounts at the Superstore on Tuesdays, and student discounts at places like the Bulk Barn on Wednesdays. Planning really make any type of diet achievable and affordable.

enVie A Vegan Kitchen // 5775 Charles St

enVie is all about the vegan lifestyle! Every single item on the menu is plant based, and their presentation is just beautiful. They even have a super tasty vegan burger.

2 Doors Down // 1533 Barrington St

2 Doors Down is a great place to go to if you're with a group of friends that aren't vegan. They're menu is split into 4 categories:  Meat, Vegetables, Burgers, and Seafood.

The Wooden Monkey // 1707 Grafton St

The Wooden Money is the place to go if you're tired of asking servers if there are any vegan options. The menu at the Wooden Monkey tells you what dishes are vegan and which ones can be modified to be vegan... One less thing for you to worry about.

EDNA // 2053 Gottingen St

It's always worth the wait at Edna. This is a great breakfast option for your group that meets everyone dietary wants and needs. Even your non vegan friends will want a taste of Edna's vegan chocolate mousse.

The Coastal Cafe // 2731 Robie St

If you've been to EDNA's too many times, and are looking for another brunch spot that's vegetarian friendly and has vegan options then visit the Coastal Cafe. They're also open more days of the week then EDNA is, and don't have as long of a line as other brunch places because they're so under the radar.

Wild Leek  // 2156 Windsor St

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Gone are the days of not being able to eat delicious baked goods. Wild Leek has an amazing assortment of treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Wild Leek is another all vegan restaurant with the added perk of being a juice bar as well. This is the perfect place to bring your friends that swear they'd never like vegan food.

Heartwood Bakery and Cafe // 6250 Quinpool Rd

We all know that everyone needs more than just one vegan bakery in their life. Heartwood is a local, vegetarian and organic cafe with endless options of vegan eats. It's super quaint, and a great place to study too.

RIOT Snack Bar // 6293 Quinpool Rd

RIOT Snack Bar has some of the most unique names for the food on their menu, and almost all of their dishes can accommodate a vegan diet! They also support local and are strong advocates of ethical animal treatment.

Humani-T Cafe // 1451 South Park Dr

Humani-T Cafe is known for all of their mini egg creations, but the are also a great low key vegan option. Their vegan wrap is one of the best things you'll ever taste! They also have vegan gelato options, and it's another great study spot on this list as well.

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