As the fall reading week approaches, the reality that you're not going to be escaping to a tropical vacation down south becomes even more of a reality than ever. Instead of sitting in the library studying all reading week, why not take a trip within the Maritimes that is just as Instagrammable as Punta Cana, but just 30 degrees cooler.

One of the perks of taking a modified stay-cation is that you'll save so much money, and you can still study! So you might not be chilling on the beach in a bikini sipping a Pina Colada, but at least you'll have the chance to take your mind off school for a while... On the plus side you don't need to worry about working on that beach bod. You can continue to push that resolution until 2018!

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1. Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Even though it's fall, a trip to the beach in Cavendish, PEI is definitely worth it. Not only is the sand red, but the scenery is beautiful. Also Cavendish is a resort area so it's a great place to kick back and relax this reading week. The beach boardwalk is packed with restaurants and gift shops for you to eat and browse through.

You can also go and visit the Avonlea Village and take in everything related to the book Anne of Green Gables. Or you can hit the green before closing season at the Green Gables golf course.

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3. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 

There is so much to explore in Cape Breton, the week might not be enough! The first thing on your list of things to do in Cape Breton has to be to take a drive through one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Maritimes. Not only is the Cabot Trail one of the most scenic routes in the world but there are a ton of activities to stop and do on the drive, like visit the Highlands National Park, or go whale watching.

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4. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

You could pretty much spend your entire reading week in a number of different patches. If you're really feeling the fall vides, and miss being able to easily grab a PSL from Starbucks, you can always visit one of the many pumpkin patches in the Valley.

... But don't stress, there is so much more to do in the Valley than just hanging around fruits and vegetables! You can spend a few days at the Old Orchard Inn and get a full spa treatment, or live your best life at one or all of the wineries that the Annapolis Valley has to offer. Something a lot of people don't realize they can do in the Valley is take a hot air ballon ride!

If you're feeling spontaneous, you could always grab a wetsuit and bare the cold water to catch some waves in Lawrencetown.

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5. Gros Morne, Newfoundland

The West Coast of Newfoundland is equally as beautiful as Cape Breton Island. The hiking trails here overlook the Ten Mile Pond Gorge, and there are many inlets that have been formed by glaciers that give way to beautiful waterfalls all along the trail.

While in Gros Morne, you can also take a trip to the Bonne Bay Marine Station, which has an aquarium and a ton of information on everything related to everything marine life. You can also catch a show or two put on by the Newfoundland and Labrador Theatre. Or visit the many lighthouses in the area.

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6. Twillingate, Newfoundland

This small island off the Northern Atlantic Coast of Newfoundland is a very popular and Instagrammable destination for Maritime travelers. Twillingate has also been nicknamed Iceberg Alley for obvious reasons. The colder it gets here, the more beautiful the scenery becomes.

Twillingate has a number of vacation properties available for rent, so you can visit their local berry wineries a number of times before leaving. Another popular activity to do is, attend a dinner theatre. Performers don't just put on a play, they also prepare a meal for you. Talk about the best of both worlds.

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7. Sydney, Nova Scotia

If you have an appreciation for music and art, share it with Sydney!

Here's your chance to be super touristy while taking an abundance of pictures with the giant fiddle! Sydney also has an ton of restaurants to try out for the foodie in you. Or you could further your trip by hoping on one of the cruises that leave out of the city.

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8. St. Andrews, New Brunswick

A.K.A St. Andrews by the Sea is a cute little town with so much to offer. Spend the day getting lost in the 27 acres of the Kingsbrae Garden. Or take advantage of one of the many amazing boat tours that offer delicious in season seafood, whale watching, and even off boat diving experiences!

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9. Alma, New Brunswick

High tides, good vides...

Have you really been to the East Coast if you haven't been to the Fundy National Park? If you're looking for a cheap getaway full of adventure then a trip to the Bay of Fundy will give you all of that and more.

Not only does visiting Alma, give you the amazing opportunity to walk along the ocean floor at low tides, but you can also go kayaking on the worlds highest tides, climb cliffs and go zip lining. With so many activities to do in Alma, you'll wonder if 7 days is enough. And like any good reading week destination, the Waterside Farms Cottage Winery shows you how to turn blueberries into wine (that you later get to drink).