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9 Reasons Why You Need A Halifax Girlfriend In Your Life

Halifax Girls are the best girls.
9 Reasons Why You Need A Halifax Girlfriend In Your Life

Halifax Girls are one of a kind and I think sometimes people forget because the rain is messing up our hair too often. They're funny, smart and always smell good. What more could you ask for? Well keep reading and I'll tell you.

1. She's in touch with nature

Living in Halifax she’s grown up beside the ocean, spending her summer days on a beach, going for hikes and she’s definitely been camping. Halifax girls aren’t afraid to get a little dirty or just have a relaxing night beside the campfire deep in the woods, so you can take her to any of your fave cottage spots.

2. She’s a little bit of everything

Halifax is home to people with a lot of different backgrounds and cultures, so Halifax girls tend to be unique and interesting, and are able to have a conversation with anyone!

3. There's a chance you share mutual friends

Halifax is so small and has such connected networks that you won't have to worry about a Halifax girl not knowing your friend group, all you have to do is a quick creep on social media and you’ll find all of the information you’re looking for.

4. She’s really nice

Haligonians in general are known for their kind souls, but Hali girls are among the sweetest of the population. We love each other in the bathroom at Cheers and you can often find us saying sorry or thank you's left and right.

5. She knows how to dress without overdoing it

Halifax girls aren't about piling on the makeup, wearing five inch heels and fake hair that could come out unexpectedly like some of the big city girls you may find. They dress for the weather, sometimes not by choice and keep it classy and sexy all at the same time.

6. She’s street smart and school smart

She can give sass when needed but when the books come out she puts on the most professional face possible. With all of the universities/colleges around she’s probably in school or has gone to school and has a ton of ambition.

7. Halifax girls know how to have a good time

She can keep up with you on a night out and never backs down from some friendly competition. She will beat you in beer pong a few times and won't let you forget it.

8. She's adventurous with her food choices

Seafood, donairs, burgers, she's been around a lot of different foods her whole life so basically you could feed her anything hopefully. They aren't scared to stand out in the freezing cold with you in the Willy's line on Pizza Corner.

9. She has a great sense of humour

Living on the east coast you've got some interesting accents, jokes, slang and they understand all of it. They're so well rounded they know how to give jokes and how to take em, just watch out because they might go all P.E.I. Encyclopedia on you.

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