If you and your partner are the get-out-and-do-stuff types, you need to find lots of different activities to keep you both busy. There's a point you'll reach where going for coffee, dinner and a movie or out to a bar just won't cut it anymore. 

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This summer, why not try out some more adventurous date ideas that will be far more entertaining that sitting at home with Netflix! Below is a list of some adventurous date ideas for couples to try out in Nova Scotia. 

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Go surfing at Lawrencetown Beach

Head out on the waves with East Coast Surf School and learn how to surf! This would also make an awesome double or group date.

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Explore Victoria Park

The perfect place to go for a spontaneous trip out of the city. Go swimming in a swimming hole, climb Jacobs Ladder, or just get outside!

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Spend an afternoon Whale Watching 

Aboard a boat with Gael Tours in Digby for an afternoon of searching for whales! Definitely, a date both of you will remember.

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Try out Tidal Bore Rafting

If you’re the kind of couple that likes to get muddy and have some fun, Tidal Bore Rafting is a date that’s for you.

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Cycle or Hike the Musquidobit Trailway

This 15 km trail in Musquodoboit Harbour is a great way to get out and get some exercise together!

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Hike the Skyline Trail

This incredible trail has unbelievable views of rolling hillsides and the ocean. If you haven't added this to your summer bucket list, you definitely should.

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Go camping at Kejimkujik National Park

The perfect place to escape from the craziness of everyday life and get outside. Rent a canoe, star gaze or go on a hike to learn about wildlife.

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Go Ziplining with Mountain Pine Adventures

Experience the Cabot Trail in a different way…from the sky! Join Mountain Pine Adventures for an awesome and different ziplining experience.

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Go Paintballing at Hyper Sportz Paintball

The adrenaline rush you'll both get from this date will definitely be worth it. Not to mention, being covered in paint is awesome!