9 Types Of People You’ll Definitely Meet During Frosh Week In Halifax

Your new best friends.

Entering first year University is an incredibly exciting time for any undergrad student.  Throughout the past four years of high school you’ve heard how fun it is to live on campus, meet new people and party hard get an education.  Now you're here!

Halifax is an amazing city that attracts students from all over the world to attend its reputable post secondary institutions.  Student communities all over Nova Scotia become a melting pot for newly independent teenagers who watched the whole American Pie series and can’t wait to create their own “college” experience.

With Frosh Week upon us, we thought we’d compile a list of all the eccentric peeps you can look forward to befriending during these early days of university in Halifax.

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1. The Home Body

Often found in their dorm room politely declining all your invitations to party, The Home Body is a great person to hang out when you’re excruciatingly hung over and just want to watch Netflix. They’re typically a great listener on account of their reserved and timid nature.

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2. The Guy Who’s Always Fvcking Amped

A little carried away with his new found independence, this gem was a big deal back home and he’s going to make sure you know about it! You can count on this guy to consistently host live pres out of his dorm room almost every night, all year, for the rest of eternity.

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3. The Person From Toronto

Upon meeting this person you will learnunremarkably that they hail from the 6 “like everyone else,” however upon closer examination you’ll typically find that they’re sorely confused about their heritage because I’m not familiar with an area in Toronto called “Oakville” are you?

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4. The Athlete

You won’t see much of the Athletes during frosh week because they actually have to train and go to the gym and stuff. Should you spot them it will likely be in the cafeteria complaining about nutrition density or something but you won’t be listening you’ll be eating the perogies.

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5. The Girl Having Her Own Personal Coachella

Whether you’re just chilling with some friends in the quad or going ham at the Dome, this girl will be there and her energy levels with be off the charts! Everything is an occasion worth snap chatting, and nothing is more exciting than the arrival of a new filter.

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6. The Hippie

A slackline is a length of flat webbing suspended between two trees that the Hippies will spend their whole year trying to balance on, typically without shoes. Hacky sack will also be involved.

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7. The Volunteer RA

This person did not have a very good high school experience and as a result they will work closely with their Residence Advisor on a voluntary basis to ensure everyone in res has their lights out and music off at the appropriate time. The Volunteer RA will do a lot of tattle tailing and will not be very popular amongst their peers.

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8. The Instant Best Friends

These two are likely roommates who just met and can’t believe they have so much in common. They vaguely remember filling out a personality test during their application for residence but are still constantly surprised by their overwhelming similarities. The Instant Best Friends will be inseparable during the coming weeks and have a lot of inside jokes already somehow.

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9.  The Drug Dealer

Stepping up to fulfill an important role in the campus community, your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer will have all the medicinal supplies necessary to remedy your lack of buzz. Often found in his room playing video games, this is someone you likely won't want to chill with for very long, but also someone who you will be visiting almost constantly.

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