While Halifax may seem like a relatively chilled out city, being on the ocean and whatnot, those of us who live here know there is no shortage of daily stress. Whether you’re a student trying to balance deadlines and fees while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or a working parent trying to provide the best for your family, stress is a common denominator for most of us.

We could all benefit from taking a little time for ourselves. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled this list of unique places to go when you just need to escape it all.

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1. Remedy Spa // 1546 Granville St

Remedy Facial Bar and Spa will leave you feeling spoiled rotten. Choose from a variety of treatments like facials, massages, scrubs, wraps and makeup applications, all while sipping on a martini. Prepare to be pampered!

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2. Clay Cafe // 6413 Quinpool Rd

The kid in you is jumping up and down with excitement. Throw it back to your childhood with the Clay Cafe, where you can choose from practical things like plates and mugs as well as sillier options like unicorns and aliens to decorate to your heart's delight. Once your masterpiece is done, it will be fired up in the kiln and ready to pick up in 4-7 days!

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3. The Flotation Centre // 2631 King St

In the words of the Flotation Centre experts, it's "75 minutes of space travel, no experience required." That's pretty much sums up sensory deprivation therapy, where your body floats in a bath of salt water and your mind is left to wander wherever it pleases.

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4. Timber Lounge HFX // 2710 Agricola St

Sometimes meditation is not enough, and you need a bit of catharsis; that's where Timber Lounge comes in. Gather your friends and head over to this axe throwing facility located in the trendy North End for some good old, stress relieving fun. After you've channeled your inner lumberjack, head over to the bar to enjoy some local Nova Scotia craft beer to unwind.

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5. The Salt Room // 3514 Joseph Howe Dr, Suite 15

The Salt Room is just what is sounds like- a room made of Dead Sea salt. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, anti-pathogenic and anti-anything-that-is-bad-for-you properties of the salt allow for physical healing of the body, while the tranquil setting promotes relaxation and healing of the mind.

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6. Paint Nite // Multiple Locations

Paint Nite has locations all over the world, with no shortage of events in Halifax. Whether you're a professional artist or have never picked up a paintbrush in your life, sometimes just putting colours to a canvas is relaxing in itself. Come solo or bring a friend and you'll be sure to end the night with your mind at peace, along with a little souvenir (your painting!) to remember the experience.

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7. Relaxation Centre // 5991 Spring Garden Rd, Suite 400

Colin Stone, Professional Relaxation Therapist, will guide you through several different techniques and practices in order to arrive at optimal relaxation. Your session might include muscle relaxation, Japanese aromatherapy, guided imagery or thermotherapy, all to reduce stress, help you sleep better, and make you feel like an all around healthier person.

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8. Puppy Therapy

And finally, the best kind of therapy: puppy therapy. Around exam times, Dalhousie and University of King's College bring in specialized therapy dogs for the students to pet and play with to help bring up levels of serotonin, because it's scientifically proven that dogs make you happier. Anyone is welcome to participate.

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9. Hot Yoga

Turn up the heat on your average yoga routine, and try a hot yoga class over at Moksha on Dresden Row. Memberships here are super affordable, and there are a variety of classes offered to accommodate both beginner and advanced yogis.

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