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This Is The Average Cost of Rent In Halifax In 2017

Are you being overcharged?
This Is The Average Cost of Rent In Halifax In 2017

Whether you’re a student moving to Halifax for the first time or have lived here all your life, finding reasonable rent on a nice apartment in Halifax can be a major challenge.

It’s difficult to know whether you’re being taken advantage of when it comes to the cost of rent in Halifax because there are so many awesome neighbourhoods, all with such different price points.  Is a brand new apartment in the North End cheaper than something smaller downtown?  Should a three bedroom apartment in the student ghetto near Dal charge the same rent as something bigger outside the city?

Luckily we’ve collected the average rent price all Haligonians the peninsula are paying, to give you an idea of what's normal around here:

Bachelor Apartment: $729

1 Bedroom Apartment: $987

2 Bedroom Apartment: $1230

3 Bedroom Apartment: $1895

To verify our results, feel free to consult or, and add info about your rent prices to the data base if these prices seem skewed to you!

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