This Is What Toronto's Average Rent Will Get You In Halifax

Whoa, more than one bedroom?
This Is What Toronto's Average Rent Will Get You In Halifax

Living in the 6ix can be a lot of fun. It can also be really expensive. The average rent in Toronto is not exactly an attractive number, especially considering what you sometimes get for it. However, that amount can pay for some pretty great places out in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

According to data from , the average rent for an apartment in Toronto was $2,261 in June 2020, the highest in the country for that time period.

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It's a big city, however, and some neighbourhoods do cost less than others. If you wanted a place in South Parkdale, you'd be looking at somewhere around $1974 a month.

Unfortunately, that's the only place in Toronto where the average price is below $2,000 .

You can expect to pay anywhere between $2,098 in Moss Park all the way up to $2,559 in the annex, and that's even with rent prices dropping.

With that in mind, maybe it's time to think about other places in Canada where you'd want to live.

If you're in the same situation as a number of other Canadians, you might be working from home for the foreseeable future.

That means that you could keep working remotely from anywhere in the country. So why not live in Nova Scotia and pay less every month?

Or, you could take what you would spend in Toronto and get even more for your money.

1156 Queen Street, Halifax, NS

Price: $2,250

Imagine getting an apartment with hardwood floors and an exposed stone wall. This place includes those great aesthetic touches, plus in-suite laundry, a dishwasher, and a balcony.

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1470 Summer Street, Halifax, NS

Price: $2,200

Two bedrooms for under $2,500? Yes please! The units in this building offer great views of the city, plus it has amenities that include a heated pool and party room.

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76 Armenia Drive, Halifax, NS

Price: $2,195

It's hard to imagine even getting a three-bedroom apartment in Toronto, let alone one that's actually affordable. This unit provides plenty of space and in-suite laundry, which would both cost an arm and a leg in the 6ix.

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1920 Brunswick Street, Halifax, NS

Price: $1900

In this building, you can pay less than two grand and not just get two bedrooms and modern appliances, but also waterfront views. What could be better?

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5279 Tobin Street, Halifax, NS

Price: $1725

This charming one-bedroom is on the middle floor of a triplex. While it might not have as much space as some other places, the all-inclusive rent (which also covers internet) and a bonus 55-inch smart TV aren't too shabby.

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1333 South Park Street, Halifax, NS

Price: $1,645

Three-bedroom apartments in this unit are so cheap you might not believe it, plus they have amazing views of the city and the water. You can also get a move-in bonus of either reduced rent or one month free.

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5885 Cunard Street, Halifax, NS

Price: $1,560

You can't beat the price of these two-bedroom units, which also feature in-suite laundry and a dishwasher. The building has a pool and gym too, so you can stay in shape while paying less every month.

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