Canadian Bank Robber Turns Himself In And Returns The Money Only 1 Hour After Committing Crime

Halifax man robber a bank before turning himself into police an hour later.
Canadian Bank Robber Turns Himself In And Returns The Money Only 1 Hour After Committing Crime
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A robber from Halifax, Nova Scotia showcased his inner Canadian this week after he turned himself in to police an hour after he robbed a bank. Halifax Regional Police state that the suspect allegedly stole some cash after holding up a Royal Bank before feeling guilty about his actions. The robber then turned himself in, as well as gave back the cash that he had stolen. 

Just after noon on Wednesday, a 45-year-old man went into a Royal Bank that was located in the Halifax Shopping Centre. He approached the staff of the bank, informing them that he had a knife and demanded money. Although no knife was even seen, the man was able to receive some cash from the staff before fleeing into the mall. 

However, about an hour after the robbery occurred, the 45-year-old man turned himself in a police headquarters. The suspect actually turned himself in so quickly, that police admit that investigators were still on scene at the bank attempting to collect evidence. 

Not only did the suspect turn himself in, but he also brought along the money that he stole with him and turned it into the police as well 

Halifax Regional Police are still determining if all the money that was stolen from the Royal Bank was actually brought back to the police by the suspect, or if some is still missing.  

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Police spokesperson Const. Kristine Fraser told Global News that, "it's not the first time for a crime that somebody has turned themselves in, in my 19 years,". 

While Const. Fraser does not mention any other previous cases,  another incident that she could be referring to is an incident that occurred with a Halifax man in 2014, where a 20-year-old man was quick to turn himself into the station after reports of a man committing indecent acts around Halifax were brought to police.

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Halifax doesn't seem to be the only place where robbers and other criminals have a change of heart either. Just this past December, a 29-year-old man from Kitchener, Ontario robbed a pharmacy at gunpoint. 

Only days after the robbery occurred, the suspect turned himself into police. He was then charged with robbery of a firearm. 

The man who robbed the Halifax bank this morning hasn't been identified by police, but they say he is a 45-year-old man. He is now facing robbery charges. 

Source: Global News 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor