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Dangerous Canadian Sex Offender Who Has Escaped Custody 4 Times Was Arrested Again In Halifax

The 35-year-old has more than 30 charges on his record.
Dangerous Canadian Sex Offender Who Has Escaped Custody 4 Times Was Arrested Again In Halifax

It seems the Canadian prison system has an escape artist in their midst. A dangerous sex offender who has escaped custody four times as of today was quickly arrested by police in Halifax after his most recent escape. The criminal in question is 35-year-old Joshua James Turner and his latest escape took place earlier today in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 

Turner was in custody at the Jamieson Community Correctional Centre, which is essentially a halfway house in Dartmouth which provides a more "structured living environment with 24-hour supervision." However, Turner somehow made a break for it earlier this morning. The specifics of his escape are not known, but police announced this afternoon that they had successfully arrested Turner without any incident just before 3 PM ADT today. 

Turner was out and in the public for about six hours before he was arrested by police but during that time, police in Halifax were warning the public not to approach him, as he is considered a "high-risk offender." That designation comes from a lengthy criminal record including multiple sexual assaults.

Most, if not all of Turner's convictions took place back in Winnipeg, where he is from. The Winnipeg Free Press reported back in 2013 that Turner had around 30 charges on his record. These include charges for sexual assault, harassment, indecent phone calls, and numerous charges for breaching court orders. 

His most recent convictions are related to two different assaults that took place at a Winnipeg dental clinic. Turner was charged with two counts of "assault with a weapon" after threatening two different women with a pair of scissors. He was also charged with forcible confinement and uttering threats. 

With all of his previous charges occurring in Winnipeg, it's not exactly clear why Turner is now being held in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia but it could have something to do with the fact that he had previously escaped from Winnipeg Police custody three times. 

Prior to today's escape, his last known breakaway was in 2010, when Winnipeg Police asked for the public's help in locating Turner, however, they didn't provide many details about that particular escape either. Before that, police had also asked for assistance in finding Turner, once in 2009 and even earlier in 2008. In at least one of those cases, Turner had also escaped from a halfway house. 

At the time of his escape today, police revealed that Turner was not from Nova Scotia and they didn't believe that he had any friends or family in the area or anywhere in the province.