This hidden provincial park is an easy drive from Halifax, and home to some of the most stunning white sandy beaches in Nova Scotia!  Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of Nova Scotia's South Shore, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park is the perfect place for a romantic summer day trip or a camping adventure with friends.

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Measuring in at over 1,600 acres in size, Raddall Park offers visitors well-maintained hiking trails, picnicking sites, panoramic views, cycling paths and a massive stretch pristine sandy beaches.  Starting in mid-May over 8campsiteses will become available for reservation throughout the park – to book one for your next summer adventure, click here.

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Overlooking Port Joli Harbour, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park is right across the harbour from Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct National Park, another incredible spot you have to visit this summer for if you’re into stargazing, kayaking and camping.  Get out of the city to decompress and explore this incredible region of our province!

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