Given the insane amount of snow we’ve been getting lately, Nova Scotians everywhere are desperately looking for a way to escape winter.  Whether you’re fed up with the cold, or have been triggered by some insane FOMO scrolling through your friend’s Florida vacation pictures, we’ve got the perfect travel opportunity for you to look into ASAP.

This spring and summer, a unique French immersion program called Explore is providing students of all language levels with the chance to travel to a new region of Canada for (almost) free while participating in an intensive five-week course at over 21 different universities and colleges all across the country.  Almost all the expenses will be covered by government funded bursaries, and for university students, there is even a possibility to earn the equivalent of up to one full university-level language credit!

By participating in Explore, students will be provided with the opportunity to study French in an immersive environment, much different from that of a classroom.  Surrounded by young people with similar interests in traveling Canada, students will have the chance to learn a new language participating in activities like hiking, attending music festivals, zip lining and whale watching all over the country.  The goal of the program is to give students the chance to “live in French” as a means of learning the language, versus just studying phrases from a textbook.

In an effort to promote the study of Canada’s official languages, the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, with the financial support of Canadian Heritage, has designated bursaries of $2,200 for over 7000 Canadian students learning French or English, which covers all the major costs associated with participating in this exceptional program, including tuition fees, course materials, meals, accommodations and most excursions and workshops.  Essentially by applying, you could earn the chance to visit a brand new Canadian province, and spend a month of your summer traveling while learning French, and possibly earning a University level credit!

Regardless of what field you’re studying in, or what career path you hope to pursue, being able to speak a second language is always an amazing asset.  A strong understanding of the French language will open so many doors for you, especially here in Canada!   No matter what your current comfort level is with the French language, all your fellow students and instructors will be there to build skills and support one another in a super inclusive, fun environment.

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday this year, and what better way to celebrate than by traveling the country? Here’s a great way to explore a new region for five weeks while learning French, one of our country’s two Official Languages!  If you have ever wanted to learn French or brush up on your preexisting skills, Explore provides a fun and spontaneous, total-immersion environment in which to do so!

Live the Canadian Experience this summer at Explore by checking out their website here and apply today.  Note: ESL Programs also availableTo get a stronger idea of what their program is like, check out this video here!

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