Could you even imagine? A city without quick, convenient drive-thrus to get your fast food fixes? I'm just not for it, and neither is Halifax, as it turns out. The city's drive-thrus are currently under attack by a local councillor and residents are pushing back big time.

Stupid idea, good luck with that foolishness. Please don't waist my taxpayer dollars on debating this foolish thought.

October 3, 2018

Richard Zurawski is planning on bringing a motion before the municipal Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee today to examine and possibly eliminate drive-thrus. What do they have to do with fast food, you ask? A lot according to Zurawski.

I think Zurawski is just upset about the smoking ban since he voted against it. “Oh yeah!? Well then....I wanna ban something too!! How’s about Drive-Thru!”

October 4, 2018

He says the handy fast food accessories cause traffic, as well as excess pollution because of car idling. The idea definitely makes sense, but it's not a popular one and Halifax residents are making that loud and clear.

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Some are obviously just furious. "Another moronic idea from the leader in moronic ideas: Halifax council," said one Facebook user commenting on the idea.READ MORE: Drive-Thru Workers In This Canadian City Are Actually Working As Police Informants

We vote these people into council 🤬

October 3, 2018

Twitter is going in hard, suggesting ways the city keep drive-thrus but cut costs. "Would we not save more money by eliminating half the city council instead of the drive-thrus," a tweet read.

Others are suggesting that everyone meet somewhere in the middle. "Rather than eliminate, we could pull into spots for ordering and shut the car off, order/pay and then be notified when the food is ready for us to drive up to the pickup window."

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Seriously? Why don't we just ban cars! You flippin' dink

October 4, 2018

Whether or not the drive-thru ban will actually happen is ultimately up to the Halifax Regional Council. Something tells me that if the motion does go forward, things will not be pretty in the city of Halifax.

I can almost see it now - residents hurling Big Macs and Timmies cups at City Hall.

Source: Global News