Halifax Will Be Turned Into A Massive Art Exhibit This Saturday

Bundle up and try to see it all!
Halifax Will Be Turned Into A Massive Art Exhibit This Saturday

Saturday night from 6pm until midnight Halifax will host it’s annual outdoor art show Nocturne, during which galleries and business’ will remain open all night as artists display a variety of works for the public to interact with and enjoy.

The streets will be packed as Nova Scotians come into Halifax from all over the province to take part in this radical art show.  Climb into the inflatable Breastival Vestibule that will be on display at the Khyber Centre For The Arts, created by Rachel Shannon.  This living, breathing inflatable room creates a soft, relaxing space for visitors to hang out in.

Afterwards head over to the Living Room space at the Halifax Central Public Library (5th floor) and take in David Clarks installation piece called Barometer Falling: a geodesic dome the will project film pieces inspired by a novel of the same title which documents a series of stories that proceed the Halifax Explosion.

There will also be art exhibits you have to see at the Grand Parade, the Museum of Natural History and all along the Halifax Waterfront.  Pop your head into spaces along Hollis, Gottingen, Granville, Barrington and Brunswick to try and see as much art as you can!

Ultimately the best part about Nocturne is walking around on a beautiful night and discovering an awesome piece you never planned to see.  But if you’re like me and can’t help planning ahead, check the full festival guide for all the artists and different exhibits on display Saturday night here.

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