As December begins, slowly but surely houses and business’s throughout the HRM start to set up colorful Christmas decorations.  Streetlights get decked out for the holidays, and Christmas trees sprout up across the city.

We put together a map with all the Christmas light displays set up throughout Halifax that you have to see this year.  Wait until it gets dark (that won’t be hard) and head out with some whisky hot chocolate in a thermos to take in these eight unreal holiday spectacles.

Photo cred - JamesHunter

1st Stop // Wright and Morris

Down the cul de sac near Morris Street and Dresden there’s a house that goes crazy for Christmas every year! Decked out with sculptures, lights and decorations, you have to swing by this awesome holiday spectacle to start off your Christmas light tour.

Photo cred - JamesHunter

2nd Stop // The Waverly Inn

Near Barrington and Morris The Waverly in is decked out with tons of awesome Christmas lights, making it one of the brightest buildings along Barrington. Be sure to swing by and check out their awesome display as the second stop of your journey!

3rd Stop // Bishops Landing

The entire boardwalk is pretty well decorated, but the lights at Bishops Landing are by far the best. Grab a hot chocolate and walk the whole thing to see how different waterfront restaurants and bars are decorating for Christmas.

Photo cred - fitzsimmons_dave

4th Stop // Grand Parade

You have to stop by the Grand Parade and check out Halifax’s Christmas Tree on your lights tour of the city. The tree is covered in more than 6000 red and white LED lights winding between snowflake ornaments and icicles!

Photo cred - JamesHunter

5th Stop // NSCAD

The multi-coloured light display at NSCAD is on all year round, but since you’re only on a light tour of Halifax once in a while you may as well stop by the waterfront campus near the Historic Halifax Properties and check it out.

6th Stop // Historical Properties

Right now the Halifax Lights Holiday Market is taking place all throughout the Historic Halifax Properties on Lower Water Street. Stop by and admire the work of local vendors at this annual holiday event, and take in all the awesome Christmas decorations.

7th Stop // Alderney Landing

Boat over to Dartmouth and take in the Christmas lights around the Alderney landing ferry terminal. There’s an awesome little Christmas Tree sculpture made entirely from white LED lights.

8th Stop // Sullivan’s Pond

Dartmouth’s Christmas Tree has been set up near Sullivans Pond, so for your final stop on the HRM Christmas light journey be sure to stop by and check it out.


We weren’t able to fit this house on the map, but you also have to see the annual set up at Connaught and Norwood Street, where a family tradition continues every year with an incredible Christmas light display.

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