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Never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a home by its exterior. There's a house for sale in Nova Scotia that looks just like a shed from the outside but the inside is sleek, modern and pretty fancy.

This place is located in Meteghan River, on the western coast of the province, and it's on the market for just $195,000.

Sheila Deveau | Engel & Völkers

It's a three-year-old building so it's in pristine condition, and, while it's only 651 square feet, it's still a beautiful — albeit tiny — space. Plus, it's close to the ocean.

Sheila Deveau | Engel & Völkers Nova Scotia Chester

Inside, there are modern finishes and hardwood floors, and it's such a simple setup that you can really make it anything you want it to be by adding your own touches.

Sheila Deveau | Engel & Völkers

There's a second room where a kitchen could be added and the half bath is big enough to be turned into a full bathroom.

Sheila Deveau | Engel & Völkers

This could be a home (if you don't need a lot of room), a studio space or even a business. It's close to local amenities, a busy neighbourhood and the sea.

Shed Home

Sheila Deveau | Engel & Völkers

Price: $195,000

Location: Meteghan River, Nova Scotia

Description: If you're looking for tiny home living, this is it. The house is only 651 square feet, and, while it looks like a shed from the outside, it's quite beautiful inside.

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