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Mid-Air Tribute To Nova Scotia From A Helicopter By Was Jaw-Dropping (VIDEO)

Halifax was treated to an unusual sight this week in the middle of recovering from a tragedy over the weekend. In a touching display, a person tied to a helicopter did a mid-air tribute to Nova Scotia. It was breathtaking, especially for anyone with a fear of heights, and it's just another one of the many ways people are remembering throughout Canada.

On Wednesday, April 22, the Royal Canadian Airforce Marine Helicopter Community performed a jaw-dropping performance in tribute to the victims of the mass murder that happened days earlier.

As the city watched, a person was lowered out of the moving helicopter, attached by a rope, suspended what looked to be hundreds of metres above the Halifax Harbour. They waved a Nova Scotian flag behind them, blowing proudly in the wind.

It was "in recognition of the lives lost in Portapique and surrounding areas this past weekend," according to their social media posts.

Photos show the person harnessed onto a cable and swinging freely many metres below the helicopter, dressed in what looks like a green flight suit and helmet.

In the videos, the person seemed to be held in suspended animation. The rope is so thin it looked like they were practically gliding through the air, with the Nova Scotian flag fluttering like a cape behind them.

They seemed tiny compared to the military helicopter above them, which whirred with incredible noise and glided slowly over the harbour.

Across the country, thousands of Canadians are paying tribute to the many lives lost.

On Friday, April 24, all Canadians are encouraged to wear red which is especially heartwarming because it's our national colour plus one of the victims was a mountie.

Other Canadians are putting their musical talents to the test by composing touching songs in honour of the people who lost their lives during the attack.

The attack was one of the worst incidents in Nova Scotia's history. Twenty-three people, including the shooter, have died including Cst. Heidi Stevenson of the RCMP.

The province has a 24/7 helpline for anyone who would like support following the tragedy.

The military has been prepared with plans to support communities through the pandemic, said Trudeau earlier. This is a different sort of support, and arguably just as crucial.

This breathtaking display of #NovaScotiaStrong helps prove that the province has hope for the future.

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