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This New Halifax Restaurant Makes The Most Incredible Vegan Burgers Ever

Halifax vegans and burger lovers alike will now have a favorite restaurant in common, with the announcement that a brand new, fully vegan street food spot called Benny’s Burgers will be opening next month in downtown Halifax near the corner of Spring Garden Road and Grafton Street.  Hot off the momentum of Halifax Burger Week, Benny’s is bringing Haligonians a unique new kind of delicious vegan burger to get excited about.

Hundreds of locals have been commenting on how great Benny’s menu looks on Instagram, singling out favorites like Hawaiian Burger, made with pineapple, onions, vegan-friendly cheese, and BBQ sauce.  None of the items on Benny’s menu use meat or dairy products, and they’re even working on developing a gluten-free bun!

Take a scan through the mouthwatering pictures we’ve included below, and get excited about this new summer street food spot!  Be sure to follow @bennys.burgers on Instagram to stay updated about their menu.

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