This is what dreams are made of! If you've been wishing for warmer weather or a chance to actually go out to the lake or the ocean, you'll wish for it even more after seeing this. This Nova Scotia house is right on a beautiful lake and comes with its own private, sandy beach that will make you crave summer days by the water.

Located in Bedford, Nova Scotia, this property is on the market for $1,996,000 and while that might not be in the budget for a lot of people, it's still nice to dream about.

It's a roomy 3,900 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

This lakefront retreat is perched on a small hill so staircases lead you up into the house and then back down to the water.

The exterior of the home was designed specifically to reflect the south shore, sea captain builds of the past while the interior has a modern, country influence.

It looks like a mansion but feels like a cozy cottage inside.

The main kitchen and living spaces are connected with an open concept layout but it's close enough together to feel intimate.

One of the bedrooms even has its own fireplace and balcony.

With this property, it's truly a dream for someone who loves the outdoors and the natural beauty of Canadian landscapes.

It's nestled among a forest but still offers panoramic views of Kearney Lake and has 700 feet of lake frontage.

Plus, there's a private, sandy beach which is just amazing.

Who wouldn't love to escape to a lakefront retreat and relax on a beach that's your own especially during these times?

On the outside of the house, there are sprawling decks surrounded by a forested lot and even a brook.

That would be sure to relax you, even if you're just imagining being there.

The lake is perfect for swimming, kayaking or just enjoying some privacy.

This house is just two minutes away from the community of West Bedford and only a 10 minute drive away from Halifax.

Just imagine, having a nice dinner in downtown Halifax and then coming back to a private lakefront retreat.

Lakefront Retreat

Price: $1,996,000

Address: 1326 Larry Uteck Boulevard, Bedford, NS

Description: This hideaway looks like a mansion but feels like a cozy cottage. It'll make you dream about summer days at the lake because there are 700 feet of lake frontage and a private, sandy beach.

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